8/25/14 staff notes

posted Aug 25, 2014, 9:44 AM by Peter DiGravio
Rob and Kristen have been added to the ooc list. As a note to everyone new to the list I keep a running record of staff announcements on the website for archive. Please check that out. 

Round table will be September 7th at 5pm. We have two pending matters awaiting a vote.

As a reminder next game will be at Whetstone park. Joe will be taking attendance. Narrators will be adjudicating chops.

Influences will be compiled at the end of the month and reset in September. Get major actions for September emailed into cidinfluence@gmail.com within the first week of Sept. I hope to have a little IC news blurb to roll into September based on August activities. 

I need OOC sticky tags so if anyone is sitting on those and would like to donate it to game it would be appreciated. 

If you have fake personalities that you do stuff with IC, make sure you have gone through the steps to purchase alternate identity on your sheet otherwise expect that to become an issue for you IC.

If you attended games outside of CiD I need an email sent to cidsts@googlegroups.com documenting it otherwise you won't get xp for it.

Spends will be handled at game on the 7th, my goal is to have a printer at game with me to do on site prints. Please know what you want to purchase in advance.