A note on territory

posted Jun 10, 2015, 6:30 AM by Peter DiGravio
As a quarterly reminder, we have the following rules and policies in CiD:

If you have a character that lives in Columbus in Darkness territory, that character must use CiD as their home game.

If you have a CiD character that lives outside of CiD territory (in Cleveland, Dayton ect) then you have to transfer out of CiD.

If you are hosting email scenes in CiD territory, all visitors need to be made aware that all scenes are considered hard proxies. This means that they are officially signed into CiD and subject to our staff decisions and should a combat be initiated by them or a local character, they can not simply quit the scene and magically get away. They will need to follow combat to resolution, or a legitimate fair escape scenario.

If a CiD player takes part in an email scene in another game's area in OWbN, CiD staff will consider you hard proxied and beholden to the staff and house rules of the game/area that scene is taking place. 

You are expected to sign in to portray your character at normal chronicle games and large event games. "Side scenes" that take place in your hotel room, or in the ooc room, or behind your car in the parking lot without being signed in (and game fee's paid) is considered cheating. If I find out you're attempting to run scenes outside of staff jurisdiction and the reach of fellow players [cheating] or that you're circumventing game site/special event fee and playing for free [stealing], you will harshly punished.

I'm proud to say that I have yet to encounter any violations of the above policies. CiD leads by example.