CiD Custom content reporting

posted Feb 12, 2015, 7:33 PM by Peter DiGravio
I've begun the process of submitting CiD created custom content into the database. I've sent confirmation letters to the players who have developed their own stuff to let them know their power has been logged. If you made a power and you didn't get a confirmation email from me, then you need to bring that up to me otherwise it isn't going to get logged and will no longer be legal for play in OWbN.


We need to record all characters in the CiD database who have player generated powers on their sheets that they learned from someone else, so:

IF you have a player made power you didn't create appearing on your sheet THEN you need to email with the subject "2015 cid content submission [ your character name] [custom power name]" 

If you have multiple custome powers, just list the first one in the title. In the body of the email you need to list out all the powers you have and who taught them to you.

I'm already aware this is a pain in the ass and I assure you it is a bigger pain in the ass for me then it is for you.