posted Jun 15, 2017, 7:46 AM by Peter DiGravio
Good morning all,
I now have the influence inbox and will be getting back to everyone as I get to things.  Sorry its already Wednesday so things will be a little late this week.  In general I will get responses to people by Thursday afternoon. Exceptions for double spends to get instantaneous results.  That said, some quick reminder to how I do this.
Influence actions occur on thursday, so that you have time to react before sunday and get actions in in response to game.
If you have a held action, tell me about it when influence resets.  You want to continue your held action, just shoot me an email each monday.
Growth, please include your current level of the influence in your growth action.  I don't have access to see your sheets.
Our rules follow dark epics for growth, attack, defend, stealth etc. On Thursday you will see if your watch/block etc was successful or not.  To this, if you are trying to track something that happened in the past, expect some roadblocks based on how much time has passed.  Last week, no big deal, last month a little something, more than that, you will have trouble.
Influence actions, If you want to do multiple actions with your influence please specify how much you want to spend on each action.  Unspecified amounts =1 to me.  Also, if you want to watch for something, that is an actions.  If you want to watch for multiple somethings, that is multiple actions.
If you are loaning your influence to someone, please send that at influence reset as well.  If I don't have an email saying you loaned it to x, they won't get it.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.  If you tell me your goal in the email, I can help you craft the mechanics to get there.  I'm really here to help.

Influence Dictator