Influence 101

posted Sep 21, 2015, 7:40 PM by Jill Hines
We had our influence 101 session last night.  Important takeaways:

 -We use Dark Epics for Influences.
 -Influence Endeavors are Attack, Block, Boost, Combine, Conceal, Defend, Follow, Grow, Stealth, Trace and Watch.
 -Allies can be used to follow up or continue on actions that you have already taken.  Allies may call upon you for aid.  
 -Contacts can be switched from one area of influence to another.  They can only be used to Follow, Watch or Trace.
 -If you do not have enough of an influence to do an action, you can combine into multiple weeks.  
 -If you are watching for something you need to watch for something specific, you do not watch the entire influence.  
 -If your influences are attacked, you will not be refunded the experience.  
 -Your influence actions must be sent weekly if you want a response. If you don't send it in, I assume you are not doing anything with them.   
 -When you send your influence emails, please advise the staff as to your current level of influence, what base book action you are attempting to take, how many points you   are spending to that endeavor, how many or what you are using to stealth that action.
  ie.  Bureaucracy 5:  Fake a Driver's License (2) boosted with (2) stealth (1) bureaucracy and contacts (3)
        Industry 5:  Watch Grow (1)
                         Block Organize minor strikes (3) stealth (1)