Influence updates

posted Mar 31, 2014, 8:55 AM by Peter DiGravio
For everyone who was not at game last night, I am taking over as influence ST for Columbus in Darkness. I am implementing a few changes to try and help make things smoother, and ensure quick replies on your actions.

1. Influence is moving back to a weekly reset. Moving back to weekly lets influence happen more organically in our weekly game, and prevents uncertainty on where we are in terms of influence resetting. Influence will refresh Sunday at 12:00 AM, so you will have fresh influence to us at game that evening.

2. Influence use that happens at game must be submitted to me in the form of a stamped item card. If you intend to get a quick response on that influence use, any use of influence will cost double the normal value. If influence is used at game, the usual response time will be one hour of game time from when the influence is used.

3. Influence emails must be turned in by Wednesday evening. I will be dedicating 2-3 hours each Wednesday to processing influence emails. If you send your influence in after that, it will not be logged, and will have to be resubmitted the next week.

4. Emails will still need to be send to
Influence ST