July 27th round table

posted Jul 14, 2015, 7:47 PM by Peter DiGravio
Round table will be held on July 27th. it will function as a normal round table, so if you have any items that need to be brought up, please email me prior to the meeting so i can get them on the docket.

Expect to discuss game funds, site donations, some bylaw modification, and some discussion on grand elysium moving forward. 

HST election will open on the 19th via survey monkey. You may vote in person at the 27th CiD sessios as well provided you're voter eligible. At game off we will announce the new HST of CiD. 

I'm going to use some presidential executive decision kung-fu powers and get pizza for game, so be a good player base and show up! 

Anyone who brings other snacks will get brownie points.