Marcon May 8-10 2015

posted Nov 10, 2014, 10:48 AM by Peter DiGravio
So like I've been saying CiD is going to be running an non OWbN event game at Marcon 2015. 

It is going to be a stand alone one shot and I've got a game idea that is awesome (which I stole in part from something Miles did as a con a long time ago so here is his credit nod).

The intent of the game will be to have fun and hopefully recruit some new players. We were specifically invited to run a game this year as Marcon is making a dedicated push to get some new quality programming.

May 8-9 2015 (Mother's day weekend)

Hyatt Regency, Columbus OH


$45 pre reg going until April 20, 2015
$50 at the door

Again this won't be a normal OWbN CiD play session. All characters will be pregen one shots. Gameplay will require a con badge As I put more of the game together I'll start letting people know what the plot is and allow those who lock in to make their own PC's. Normal CiD will be happening May 10th.

I'm currently debating if I want to use old MET or new BNS. 

If you're willing to dedicate the time on site to making this game happen and all of the pre event preparation this is going to take and wish to be a member of my staff for the event please email me in private.