New ST

posted Jul 28, 2014, 1:53 PM by Peter DiGravio
At this time the ST accounts and the ic/ooc lists have been transferred into my care. I'll be meeting with Josh later this week to see what plots and situations are currently active in the game. 

Notes from game wrap last night.

Bring me up to speed

As of right now, everything in the ST email account has been archived. Anything you feel warrants my attention regarding your PC needs to be submitted to with the tag [character situation] in a brief email. I will be getting dozens of these emails, keep all information short and to the point. If I want to know more i'll ask you about it. This  should include haven information, active blood bonds, secret group affiliations, significant trouble you're in, location of your heart, cemented nightly security precautions ect. Anything you might play down the road to save your ass in a PVP (for example the fact your pc always carries 2 cell phones in case one gets destroyed) needs to be submitted in that email. If you can't produce an email dated today or later that makes clear mention regarding some fact about your PC during a life threatening situation, your claim about that fact will be disregarded. The burden to inform me about your character's hard fact is on you. Again, do not make any of these messages any longer then they absolutely have to be vs

All email you generate with your PC must include CiD which results in massive amounts of email. Unless it is something serious that your better judgment tells you staff needs to see, use If it is an important situation or anything that is going to require CiD staff input or direction, use 

IF you need staff input you MUST use AND put at the top of the message body STAFF REPLY NEEDED otherwise it gets too easy for critical items to slip through the cracks. 


I want backgrounds from all active characters submitted to within the month with the subject line BACKGROUND and the character name. If you do not have a background written up for your PC please make a brief overview with the minimum critical facts, specifically an explanation of mentors, flaws and anything else that requires fleshing out. I can not tell a good story if I don't know what stories need to be told . Anyone submitting a background on old characters who have seen significant portions of their back story already touched on (and situations changed) please note as such in the email. Again, please keep everything as brief as possible.

Round Table 8/3/14 @ 5pm

I want to get back in the habit of monthly round tables, game site permitting. 

We need to address player rep elections. "The only requirement is that the Player is an active CiD Player with no disciplinary strikes". Nominations will be taken Sunday at round table with a survey monkey going out Monday to handle the vote.

Game Surveys

Expect to see game surveys go out once I get our active email addresses from Shaun. These surveys will be short and should be considered mandatory. 

XP and sheets

Josh has graciously volunteered to finish up this cycle of xp spends so i can get on my feet faster. Please follow his instructions per his email earlier today so those get completed. 


If you are currently a Narrator, please make specific mention of it on the OOC list so everyone is aware and can make use of you.