roundtable notes

posted Jun 20, 2017, 6:15 AM by Peter DiGravio
At round table we went over a number of topics as the torch passed from Chris Adams to Luke as HST.  Thanks again Chris and staff for all your hard work.

Here are the notes from round table for those who were not able to make it!


Starting in September (right after GE) the church will no longer be usable space for us.  We have brainstormed a number of options and will begin systematically looking into what fits our game best.

Hilliard Arts Council - Brought up as a potential game site.  We would like to schedule a test game for sometime in July.

Clintonville Community Center

Otterbein University

Columbus Idea Foundry - We are reaching out currently to get relevant details

Unity of Columbus - This is the game site for OKS and we have put the president of the board in contact with Peter DiGravio to look into this as a potential CID site as well.


Clean up and leave any game site looking better than when we arrived.


There will be a new stamp soon.  When that happens we will begin an item card audit during game time.  Your items will be taken while you are in play.  If it does not have a new stamp it will not be usable. 


Is Coming! Weekend of August 25th. Please be aware that at this time there is no additional space for clan meetings.  Keep this in mind as you plan IC interactions.

We have a decorating committee and are working on finalizing decorations and IC accommodations.  If you have things you need to submit or have the staff assist with planning on GE, please let us know immediately.

Alcohol will be available. Please continue to represent CiD appropriately.  

Finally Pimp the shit out of GE! We want it to be a success and that involves getting travellers!


We have a houserule in CID that you do not communicate with the world outside of CID when you are signed into game.  This means that there should be no IC messages going out of CiD or being read/used/acted during game on.  Please see a storyteller if you believe that you need an exception to this rule.


Please note that when travelling outside of CiD you and your actions reflect on our game.  That means that if you receive negative consequences  OOC for your actions you can expect them to be also upheld in CiD.


Please see Chris Pieratt's email for updates to influences and timelines.  


We are opposed to signing the Code of Conduct and would like to begin writing an amendment to the CoC based on conflict of interest. 


ST availability and localized plots were brought up as things players would like to see more of in CID going forward