Round table notes 2/1/15

posted Feb 5, 2015, 9:05 AM by Peter DiGravio
A few things came up at round table.

I have a vote of retention as HST. You should be seeing a surveymonkey going around here soon with a retain or release option. 

I would like to amend the bylaws to disallow all Onyx Path materials as well as materials derived from Onyx Path powers in CiD. Onyx Path was designed for use in table top environments and is not appropriate for use in LARPS. I also am not interested in indulging would be game designers who have decided to attempt to translate the powers into OWbN. In case you haven't seen the custom content list on owbn we have more then enough stupid and bad powers already floating around. do yourself a favor and have a vomit bag ready to go.

We've discussed several times the option of adding a game fee. I think $2 would work best for us. The game site facilities committee at the church recently voted not to charge groups using the site a site fee, however the budgeting committee has overshot their obtainable goal by a considerable amount so the site facilities committee may be revisiting their decision. The game fee discussion came up long before this situation and as any former ST can tell you, running a weekly game CiD's size comes with costs, including our new yearly Org dues which I've been paying out of pocket. Game fee's wouldn't apply to new new players until after their first month or so. There will be a vote on introducing a $2 game fee.

Speaking of new players, If you bring a new player to game and they attend three sessions, I will max out the xp of any one of your characters for that month to reward you for recruiting. Note this will never exceed the 8 maximum allowed xp for one character per month as allowed by OWbN. If you get two people to attend the same month for 3 sessions, that's two of your pc's that can get 8 xp. Lets keep making our game grow. Make sure you introduce new players you bring to game to Luke and myself so we can keep track of where people are coming from, and remind us on that third game attended. 

Babies that need to be held are allowed at game, provided you are being a good parent and keeping crying children away from the rest of the game when they start to cry or otherwise become disruptive. Abuse of this policy will lead to it being changed. Children who can walk around on their own, understand what is being said around them or other obvious traits that make them inappropriate to have around a mature WoD scene are not allowed at game. Chris Adams has mentioned the possibility of opening an area of the church up as a children's room, feel free to speak with him in private concerning this offer. Columbus in Darkness will not be furnishing babysitters in any form or fashion. Any arrangements made with Chris will require you to furnish your own child care. Children may not be left unattended.