rountdable notes

posted Feb 19, 2019, 11:45 AM by Peter DiGravio
Hello, friends:

Fist of all, Shaun is going to step up as an AST for CiD; therefore, we will need to elect a new Player Representative.

We had a round table Sunday. We discussed location issues, socials, and the house rule for Aegis.

We discussed how I have reached out to Scarlet City Church and was asked how often we meet. The point of contact said they are having meetings this week to discuss what things happen there during the week and that they would get back to me in two weeks or so. We discussed how much we can pay; we're honestly getting a blessing of a deal (we currently donate $100 / month). Given our average number of players, we can afford $200 / month without raising the site fee. Almost all of our other options would probably cost us more too. Discussed using the long hallway downstairs when that becomes available; SCC will have their administrative offices there until June, iirc. We have one "free" option: a bar in Pickerington which would expect us to buy food / drinks. We also discussed setting up a committee of players, like we did with decorations, to help secure a site for the game; if you are interested in helping out in that capacity, speak up (people at round table who volunteered were Clyde, Hayden, Lauren, and Ryan).

It was brought up that some players could benefit from some decompression, that is, bringing back socials. I think having a social every month breaks up the flow of the game too significantly; we're all just too used to a weekly game to not feel it. However, there are four fifth Sundays per year, one every three months (the bylaw-mandated maximum amount of time between round tables); this could be the quarterly round table and social / potluck.

Players expressed concern with the current house rule on Aegis. Automatically soaking a level of damage makes it so characters without Puissance who are making brawl attacks simply cannot hurt characters with Aegis; this is valid. Returning to the previous house rule where Aegis simply gave win-on-ties when trying to soak damage was discussed; also, giving WOT even without Aegis was brought up. In line with our recent changes to the crafting rules, there should be the possibility of failure; I think we should return to Aegis giving win on ties when attempting to soak damage as, by the book, there's a way for characters without Aegis to get win on ties when attempting to soak damage: you expend a temp stamina-based trait. I'm willing to entertain a discussion of possible house rules on Aegis and their justifications.

Love your family. Love your friends. Hold fast to your community and remember there are people here for you if you need to talk.

Chris Haffly