Staff update

posted Apr 20, 2015, 9:02 AM by Peter DiGravio
I'm happy to announce the addition of a third story teller to the CiD staff, Jill Hines. I've wanted to to extend an invite to Jill for some time now, however I was not willing to take an active and involved character out of play in exchange for staff. Jill's dedication to CiD in an OOC capacity has been unquestionable since I stepped up as HST and i'm very excited to provide the game with a strong addition to Luke and myself.

Again, please make sure that any contact you have with staff uses so all of us are aware of any issues or questions you may have.

CiD staff must be cc'ed on all IC communications, for the normal day to day stuff please use the conversations email as it helps us correctly sort email (CiD generates TONS of email). If you're plotting to kill the prince or blow the city up, or need a rules call then use the

Any big influence actions should be using, also log an email if you used influences at game for smaller stuff.

I know the three email system is a pain in the ass for you guys but makes a big difference for us. 

Again, a big welcome to Jill as our new AST.