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August 6th 2017 CID News Release

posted Aug 7, 2017, 7:56 AM by Peter DiGravio

Unpopular curfew in German Village is due to be repealed next month due to public outcry.

Peoples voices have been heard loud and change is due any day now.


Racist Stranger Ruins Asian American Woman’s Birthday Celebration at Bon Jovi Concert

Patricia Jackson thought it would be fun to watch a Bon Jovi concert to celebrate her 45th birthday. Little did she know that an unfortunate encounter with a racist concert attendee would ruin her night.

Brown was with her friend at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus last March for the Bon Jovi concert and toward the end of the show, a woman turned to her and casually said, “You don’t belong in this country.”

Shaken by the stranger’s comment, the Japanese-American who serves as an administrator at Columbus State Community College, left immediately.


Muslim man forces his way through TSA

A man hostilely talked his way through the TSA and picked up a young Asian girl from a private terminal. Police investigation is ongoing. 

Texas Calf Looks Like Kiss Rocker Gene Simmons

KERRVILLE, Texas (AP) — KISS frontman Gene Simmons is udderly thrilled by a newborn calf born with strikingly similar black-and-white markings to the face paint he wears on stage.

Simmons tweeted his admiration for the calf on Sunday, saying, “This is real, folks!!!”

The calf was born Friday at a ranch near Kerrville, Texas, which is about 60 miles (96 kilometers) northwest of San Antonio

Rising security company on the scene, Citadel Security is expanding its client base looking for new contracts in the Ohio region

CITSEC is opening doors in the security field, and is promising more jobs to the Columbus Area.


Assaults against members of the Muslim have escalated recently

Growing hostility is the word on the street, as event he Police and other agencies continue to baselessly profile members of the community.



[Tampa FL - Associated Press] – New Designer Drug

There is a new designer drug on the street and even with its dangers there seem to be no dearth of people scrambling to find it.

Amnesia, a name that is very on the nose, causes it's users to lose six hours of memory. During the six hours that they are under the effect of the drug they can be found to commit any number of actions that may seem out of the normal for them.

While most users seem to be keeping their activities to safe locations, some few have been found to have comited a variety of crimes ranging from simple theft to full on sexual assault.

Such is the Case with Justin Henrickson, some of Tampa's Chief of the Fire Department and Matthew Johnson, son of ADA George Johnson. Hendrickson and Johnson were caught in the act of sexually assaulting a young lady behind Kyoto on South Howard in Tampa on 8 July. Further news on this case as they develop.

New Super Weed on the Street?

A very potent strain of weed has hit the streets in the past weeks and it has the medical marijuana industry worried. Reports from those who have come into the OSU Medical center say that they feel like they are having an out of body experience. Some claiming to have even be able to astral project. Others with awakened senses that eclipse their own.

[AP] Kayakers recover Prosthetic Leg from River

WENTWORTH, N.C. — Rockingham County sheriff’s deputies are trying to find the owner of a below-the-knee prosthetic leg, according to a news release.
The prosthetic leg was found by kayakers on the Dan River on July 12.
The kayakers turned the leg over to the sheriff’s office.
Attempts to obtain owner information based on the serial number on the leg have been unsuccessful, the release said.

Break in and abduction shock Gahana

Four men, one using an axe, broke into a duplex home in Gahana and abducted the owner. One Rodney Copeland was taken from his home by force. By the time police had arrived, they found the front window destroyed, several bullet holes in the master bedroom, and the security safe broken into. Any leads or clues should reach out to CPD immediately.

Leonardo Di Vinci hid 'Proof of Aliens' in the Mona Lisa

LEONARDO da Vinci hid proof of ALIENS with secret messages in his paintings, according to conspiracy theorists.

A bizarre YouTube video claims the 14th and 15th century painter and inventor hid proof of aliens in his artwork, most notably the Mona Lisa.

In the video Paranormal Crucible claim one can make out facial features, headdress, cloak and the hands of an ‘Alien High Priest’ if the colours are manipulated to make it clearer.

A computer generated voice which narrates the video says: "Many theologians believe that Leonardo Da Vinci deliberately concealed secret codes and subliminal messages in most of his work.

"If this is true then it's reasonable to assume that the Mona Lisa was in fact painted in order to conceal important historical and religious facts possibly regarding the extraterrestrial presence and its surreptitious involvement within the Roman Catholic Church.”

News reports for this month

posted Sep 13, 2015, 9:22 AM by Jill Hines   [ updated Sep 13, 2015, 9:28 AM ]

Downed Power Lines


DUBLIN, Ohio -- A quick-moving storm created hours of frustration and congestion on area roadways, after knocking down power lines.

AEP says they had 10 large transmission poles damaged in the Dublin area, including lines that came down across US-33. The highway was shut down for several hours between 270 and Avery Road.

At one point, the lines even came down across a truck and car that had been on the highway.

Several side roads were also closed near US-33 because of the downed poles and lines.

AEP crews worked with firefighters and police officers to clear the roads and repair damage


Swans Missing

LOGAN, Ohio— Residents along Lake Logan are questioning the alleged killing of swans that swam along the shoreline.

Viewers began writing in to NBC4 on Thursday night and saying the Ohio Department of Natural Resources had the swans removed.

ODNR provided the following statement to NBC4:

Ohio’s Swan Management plan is in place to help the native trumpeter swan population, which only twenty years ago had been driven out of Ohio, continue to grow and thrive. A component of this plan does call for the removal of mute swans. This is done because mute swans are an invasive and aggressive species that directly compete for the natural resources that are vital to the survival of Ohio’s native swans and other species. They also nest several weeks before our native, threatened trumpeter swans and are very territorial, essentially chasing off all other waterfowl.

Aesthetically speaking, swans are beautiful birds and here in Ohio we are trying to provide abundant habitat for native waterfowl, including swans. That being said, mute swans are not native to North America and directly compete with Ohio’s threatened trumpeter swan. Mute swans also impact fish communities, plant diversity, and vegetation availability to other native Ohio waterfowl.

More information, including the swan management plan, can be found at

Jamie Wend Wallace posted an album on Facebook with photos of the birds. She said she visited almost every day for five years.

“They knew me, knew my voice and even my car,” she wrote. “They would swim to me from even across the other side of the lake. I bought food for them and even took care of them in the freezing weather. I loved them very much.”

Wallace said she could not find them Wednesday or Thursday, and asked a park officer what had happened. The officer allegedly told her he shot them.

Dollar Bill Jailed

ROSS CO., Ohio –A Columbus man who turned himself in to Ross County authorities Thursday night was arraigned Friday on charges of kidnapping and felonious assault.

Authorities say the arrest of 39-year-old Earnest Moore is not related to the case of the missing Ross County woman.

Moore is known on the streets of Chillicothe as “Dollar Bill.”  He has a criminal history that includes charges of assault and trafficking in drugs. Prosecutors say an unpaid drug debt was the apparent trigger for the alleged kidnapping and assault.

Investigators say Moore was waiting inside an apartment on the city’s west side when the victim arrived to buy drugs. They say Moore jumped out of a closet and assaulted the victim, bound his hands and feet with duct tape, stuffed him into a duffel bag and then transported him to another home on Mulberry St.

“He was stripped of his clothing and tortured over a period of many hours,” said Assistant Ross County Prosecutor Jeffrey Marks.

The victim was also allegedly burned with lighter fluid, boiling water and with silverware that had been heated on the stove.

“In addition to those burns which the hospital described he had second and third degree burns… he was also beaten with a broomstick allegedly during the hours of torture that took place,” Marks said.

The victim managed to escaped a day later and was taken to the hospital by his mother.

Moore was known to some of the Ross County women who have disappeared or been killed over the past two years. His arrest stirred some hope among the families of the missing women.

Yvonne Boggs’ daughter Charlotte Trego has been missing since May 2014.

“She just said that he was bad news and that he was dangerous and she was scared of him,” Boggs said of Moore. “I said why do you hang around with people like that. I kept telling her you’re going to end up dead. You’re going to end up missing.”

But investigators don’t see a connection between Moore’s case and the missing women.

“I don’t believe that this case is related to the missing women here at all,” Marks said. “I’ve been given no indication from law enforcement that there is any tie between Mr. Moore especially in this case versus the case of the missing women.”

Bond for Moore was set at $750,000. A pre-trial hearing was set for October 13.


COLUMBUS, Ohio –Students at the Ohio State University  staged walkouts on campuses Friday September 4th, in response to proposed tuition hikes at their schools. Last week, the Board of Regents voted for hikes of up to 5 percent a year, for the next five years, unless state funding is increased. The governor  has come out against the tuition increases, and as a regent himself, he also voted against the measure. But the regents approved the hike in a 14-7 vote.

Students at OSU have taken the lead in protesting the hikes. They've organized a group called "The Open University." The group's website lays out their beliefs:

"Education is a universal human right. These tuition hikes, as well as concerted efforts by the Ohio State University to privatize their schools, have attempted to transform education from a right into a privilege. That is what is at stake here. Financial burden from public education, which should be free, is perpetually placed on students instead of the state. This must end."

Joan Alexander, a sophomore speaking on behalf of the group, told WOSU that their message is simple. "We do not accept this," said Alexander. "These tuition hikes really put into question our right to accessible, affordable public education." Alexander says students at OSU Newark, OSU Lima, OSU Marion, OSU Mansfield, and Agricultural and Technical Institute are taking part in Friday's walkout.

Protesting students in Columbus began occupying a university building, Derby Hall, last Wednesday. The first few nights of that occupation, more than 200 people camped out in the space, which is home to the university's English Department. Alexander says those numbers have dwindled, but the university administration is allowing students to stay overnight in the space.

One student has been arrested so far in protests. But he was on the campus of OSU Marion, not Columbus.

In a statement, OSU Chancellor Robin Potts  says low-income students will actually see their tuition decrease over the coming year, and "the vast majority of OSU students from families earning less than $150,000 a year will see no increase." In an email to WOSU, an OSU spokeswoman said about 40 percent of undergrads there don't pay any tuition at all.

But Alexander says the university's statement isn't definitive enough. "It's not even clear; that's the problem," says Alexander. "It hasn't even been made clear what that means. It just says the majority."

Alexander also says it's wrong to raise tuition in the midst of salary hikes for high-level university administrators. "A 20 percent salary increase for higher-level administrators seems really, really unnecessary and hypocritical if you're increasing tuition by this much," says Alexander. She is alluding to OSU Chancellor Howard Ortega, whose salary was increased to $485,000 earlier this year.

Student protesters have been tweeting from their walkouts. One tweet showed a sign marchers carried throughout campus: "Remove Michael Drake As OSU President." They've also called for increased minority enrollment in the OSU system, and "full citizenship for undocumented immigrants." Another tweet had an image of a handwritten sign on a student's back that read, "You are not a loan!"

Protests in the Bottoms


COLUMBUS, Ohio –As the first payouts go out to Polaris businesses for the Polaris Tax Abatements, tensions rise in the Bottoms and the Hilltop.  Protesters met in Rhodes Park.  Things got slightly out of hand when police officers arrived on scene.  Two officers were attacked with broken bottles which caused shots to be fired on the attacking crowd.  


Five individuals were rushed to Doctor’s West with varying injuries.  


Animal Attacks on the Rise


COLUMBUS, Ohio –Columbus police report that a 2-month old baby boy was mauled to death by his family's pit bull on Sunday afternoon. The deadly attack occurred in the Minerva Park neighborhood on the 2600 block of Minerva Lake Rd at about 5:00 pm. At the time of the attack, the boy and his father were alone at the home. The father had stepped outside to turn on the sprinkler system. When he returned, the pit bull was attacking the baby who was in a bouncing seat, according to police.


As the father tried to pull the dog off his baby boy, the mother arrived home and walked in on the fatal dog mauling scene and was bitten twice by the attacking animal. The father was eventually able to grab the family pit bull by the neck and tear it away from the boy and his mother. The father then dragged the animal outside and shot it twice, according to CPD. The 2-month old baby boy, Brayden Wilson, was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.


10TV News reported Monday that the family pit bull, named Grady, was 8-years old. The dog had been with the family for nearly a decade and had played with other children before. CBS spoke with the child's grandmother who said that family members are "in shock" that the pit bull would suddenly turn on the child. The grandmother also told 10TV that other children were at the home at the time of the savage attack, but were playing outside and did not see the violence.

“It’s just unexplainable. You just don’t get it when you’ve had the dog so long, I don’t know what could have happened. I don’t know." - Willetta Tate

Tate said the other children are 8 and 11 years old and had grown up with the dog. "Those kids, they sleep with him and everything," she said. A similar case occurred in 2013 in Georgia, when a family pit bull of 8-years, named Kissy Face, savagely killed a 2-year old boy. The female, spayed pit bull had known the boy since his birth and his older sister who was 6-years old when the attack occurred. The boy's mother, Angela Rutledge, later told her painful story to a state legislator.


The video shows Brayden's mother emotional after returning home from the hospital. "Like I said, kids play with him every day, littler kids, nieces and nephews and I just... I don’t know," Tate echoed. Then the video cuts to neighbor Chanel Villarreal who also owns a pit bull that she dragged for out the cameras. Because by all means, just after the violent mauling death of a baby by a family pit bull is certainly a ripe time to showcase anecdotal nonsense by a pit bull owner.


This was not the only attack recently just one of the most disturbing ones.

Pending home sales rose just 0.5% in July

U.S. home buyer demand remained steady in July, although consumers did not react significantly to easing mortgage rates. An index of so-called pending home sales from the National Association of Realtors, which represents signed contracts, not closings, was basically flat, rising 0.5 percent from an upwardly revised June reading.

The index is now up 7.4 percent from one year ago. Pending sales slipped in June but had otherwise been rising for five months.

"Contract activity in most of the country held steady last month, which bodes well for existing-sales to maintain their recent elevated pace to close out the summer," said Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the NAR in a release. "While demand and sales continue to be stronger than earlier this year, Realtors have reported since the spring that available listings in affordable price ranges remain elusive for some buyers trying to reach the market and are likely holding back sales from being more robust."

Closed sales of existing homes, based on contracts signed in May and June, increased two percent in July, according to NAR, as the number of homes for sale remained stubbornly low, and higher home prices continued to sideline first-time home buyers. Yun said he had expected to see more first-time buyers return to the housing market this summer and was surprised by their poor showing.

Mortgage rates, which had been rising in May and June, pulled back in mid-July, which may have brought more buyers to the table. Also, the expectation in July was that the Federal Reserve would begin raising interest rates in September. That may have pushed some buyers into the market, fearing higher rates.

A roller-coaster ride on the U.S. stock market, due to fears of China's economic woes, has more now believing the Fed will not raise rates this fall. It has, however, also added uncertainty for some home buyers.

"In light of the recent volatility in the stock market, it's possible some prospective buyers may err on the side of caution and delay decisions, while others may view real estate as a more stable asset in the current environment," said Yun. "Overall, the prospects for ongoing strength in the housing market remain intact for now. The U.S. economy is growing—albeit at a modest pace—and the labor market continues to add jobs."

Pending home sales in the Northeast increased 4 percent July from June and in the Midwest were unchanged. In the South, sales increased 0.6 percent. The West was the only region to see weakness, with pending home sales down 1.4 percent for the month.

Added Yun: "Uncertainty in the equity markets—even if the Fed raises short-term rates in September—could stabilize long-term mortgage rates and preserve affordability for buyers."

Sewer Repair Continues


COLUMBUS, Ohio –Stormwater runoff has confounded motorists and homeowners around downtown Columbus and adjacent neighborhoods for decades, and reduced the overall water quality of the Scioto River.

A 4.5-mile long tunnel nearly 200 feet below the surface, with a diameter of 20 feet excavated beneath downtown Columbus and the Scioto River, has now been fully excavated. Crews used a 95-ton tunnel boring machine.

The existing near-surface Olentangy-Scioto Interceptor Sewer will funnel water into the new tunnel, which will travel to the Jackson Pike Wastewater Treatment Plant, before safely filtering into the Scioto River. Stormwater currently ends up in streams and ditches, eventually feeding into the Scioto River full of contaminants.

The $371 million tunnel and two odor-control facilities near downtown is the largest capital project in the history of the City of Columbus-known as the Olentangy-Scioto Interceptor Sewer Augmentation Relief Sewer project (OARS for short).

The tunnel project and upgraded treatment facilities will be fully operational in 2017



COLUMBUS, Ohio –Fall Planting was completed this past weekend at the new Bevelhymer Park.  Many local celebrities were there along with a church group and local druids.


“It is good to see the community come together to beautify the city.  We may have different spiritual beliefs but we all see beauty in this park.” Sara Thomas from Broad Street United Methodist said.  


Recently the park has been transitioned into a non-profit organization.  People on the board said that they think that this is going to be best for the long term success of the park.  


“We need to be able to get community leaders and volunteers in and being a non profit we can access a lot of resources that would otherwise be closed to us.”  


“This is a new and exciting day for our community”


Son Arrested

Police have arrested a 28-year-old man who they say fatally shot his 59-year-old father Thursday night.

Thursday night just after 9 p.m. Columbus police were called to the 2000 block of Grasmere Avenue on a report of a shooting.

Officers found 59-year-old Joseph Bythewood who had suffered a gunshot wound to the upper body. He was taken to Grant Medical Center where he later died.

Based on witness reports of an argument between the two, police began looking for Bythewood’s 28-year old son, Joseph Taylor Shine-Johnson.

Johnson was later arrested without incident and charged with the murder of his father.

This is the 100th homicide of 2015 in Columbus.

News for July 2015 influence cycle:

posted Aug 4, 2015, 12:56 PM by Peter DiGravio

Delaware County Mortician Confesses
Evan J. McCarley, 55, from Delaware county, walked in to Columbus Police Headquarters downtown early Monday morning.  

McCarley works at Newcomer Funeral Home on E Dublin Granville Rd and when he walked in to Police Headquarters, he had a story to tell.  He advised that he was the one who dumped the bodies in the underground lair that was located by sewer workers last month.  He told cops that no he didn't kill them but that the funeral home that he worked for was often charged with disposal of John and Jane Doe's.  

A spokesperson from the coroner's office had this to say "We work with many funeral homes across the capital city to dispose of dead bodies.  We mainly expect them to keep them in a state that if they needed to be exhumed for possible trials later, we can do that." 

"This is tragic that so many people we treated like garbage after they had died.  Many of these bodies looks like they could be part of murder investigations.  We now have to cross reference all the DNA profiles of these victims to murder cases that we have open."

This is not McCarley's first arrest.  He was arrested in 2002 for having sex with a corpse.  

And this is also not the first trouble for the funeral home, they were brought under scrutiny in under a previous owner for incorrect body disposal.  

for more information on the body recovery efforts, please see page 3b.

Known Kingpin found to be Laundering in Columbus
Marcus Giovanni, a known figure in the Mafia has been at work here in Columbus.  He has given to multiple charities over the past month.  The charities unfortunately cannot accept this money as it is known to come from illegal sources. A spokesperson from Nehemiah House of Refuge had this to say, "It is with a sad heart that we cannot accept this money .  Our goal is to help ex-offenders and veterans get back on their feet.  This money could have gone a long way in our community."  

Other charities in the area that also benefited or more accurately, were victims of the false hope were the Temple of Faith Food Pantry and the United Young People's Association.  They also notified the FBI of the attempted money laundering.  

The FBI agent that we spoke to preferred not to have us use their name but they said this about the investigation "Normally, criminals try to hide their tracks better when attempting to launder their money.  This was an open and shut case.  All the involved charities gave us their books for a complete audit.  We had two forensic accountants look over them to verify that there were no other illegal sources of funds.  We appreciate these charities full cooperation in investigating this matter."  

The FBI advises that Giovanni has murdered multiple people including but not limited to political figures, rival business owners, and other mafioso.  

3970 Hours of Energy
Police are searching for the man dubbed the “Energy Drink Addict” after he is accused of stealing more than 100 cases of 5-Hour Energy drinks.

Corey Jay Meadows, 30, has two warrants for his arrest after being accused of stealing more than $1580 worth of 5-Hour Energy. Investigators said he took a total of 103 cases of the supplements from multiple stores in central Ohio.

According to reports, on April 25, 2015 Meadows “cleaned out the entire shelf” of 5-Hour Energy from a West Side Meijer store, stealing 64 assorted cases containing a total of 480 bottles.  The total retail value of the stolen merchandise was $972.96.

One on occasion May 5, Meadows entered a Meijer store in northeast Columbus and proceeded to sweep his arm across shelves stocked with 5-Hour Energy drinks, knocking every pack off the shelves and into his cart.  He then attempted to bolt out of the store with what was later determined to be 39 cases containing 314 more bottles of the popular energy drink, with a total retail value of $609.61.  When confronted, Meadows abandoned the overloaded shopping cart and jumped into a get-away car described as a blue Ford Fiesta.

Meadows also is believed to be connected to another theft of $681.08 of 5-Hour Energy drinks from a Meijer store located in Grove City, Ohio.

“Mr. Meadows has stolen 794 bottles of 5-Hour Energy—or the equivalent of 3970 hours of continuous, instant energy—that we can verify,” said First Assistant City Prosecutor Bill R. Hedrick.  “He is either a cog in an organized theft ring or one seriously wired energy drink addict who hasn’t slept in months.”

Deadly Delivery
Just before dusk on Friday night, pizza delivery driver Joey Roslovic loads up for his first delivery.

He’s been driving for Rotolo’s this summer, to help make some extra cash to help pay for college.

"It can be stressful at times, everyone's expecting you to get their pizza there quickly, but I like it,” said Roslovic said.

Roslovic said it’s a simple enough job; drive the car, drop off the pizza, and onto the next stop. He never saw delivering pizzas as a risk.

"It's never gone through my head to be like, worried like that, but once I hear about that you know it'll be in my head for as long as I work. It makes me really nervous,” Roslovic said.
Employees at Rotolo’s know what happened Thursday night to a Papa John’s driver on the East side of town.

Police said James Flannery died when he was shot on Kenaston Drive, outside a vacant home where he was sent to deliver a pizza. Detectives said he was robbed and shot, in an ambush.

Rotolo’s manager Sam Melaragno couldn’t believe it.

"It's petty cash that they're looking for and it just seems kind of extreme for $20,” he said.
Melaragno said his drivers carry no more than $20 on them, because he used to be a driver too.
Now, a manager at the 5th Avenue location, Melargno tries to keep track of his drivers and give them advice before they hit the streets.

"We always encourage them to kind of scope the area out before they exit the car, no matter where they're going. It can happen anywhere and that's the scary part,” Melaragno said.
Roslovic said there isn't much more he can do to protect himself, though now he's more alert and he says he isn't afraid to do his job.

"Now I think maybe I could get like a thing of like pepper spray maybe, just something to defend myself,” Roslovic said.

Shoot and Run
A person was rushed to the hospital after a shooting in west Columbus Saturday morning.
Columbus Police say it happened around midnight. Alphonso Woody, 44, tells officers he was standing on a porch on Fremont Street, near South Hague Avenue, when someone entered the yard and shot him in the stomach.

He was rushed to Mount Carmel West and is expected to recover.

Police have no suspect information. Anyone with knowledge of this shooting should contact Columbus Police.

Can this help find them?
Jeremiah R. Malfroid, 34, of Hilliard, Ohio, was sentenced Friday to 18 years in prison for production of child pornography.

According to court documents, investigators with the Franklin County Internet Crimes Against Children task force connected files containing child pornography to Malfroid’s computer. While executing a search warrant and forensic examination of Malfroid’s computer, investigators discovered 281 files of child pornography, 77 of which depicted children who have been identified by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Numerous additional images on Malfroid’s computer depicted Malfroid sexually abusing a female child. It was confirmed that Malfroid had access to the juvenile female between approximately 2007 and 2013, when the child was three to nine years old.

Malfroid was charged by criminal complaint in October 2014 and absconded during the investigation. He turned himself in to local authorities in California in December 2014, after being profiled on the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Operation Predator smartphone app. A user-generated Facebook post indicating Malfroid’s fugitive status had been created the same month and shared nearly 200,000 times.

Malfroid pleaded guilty to production of child pornography on April 2, 2015.
Investigators are still piecing together the information from his computer but are hopeful that there will be a lead in the cases of the missing children.  Sherry 

Grisly Remains
Body recovery continues slowly after the tragic discovery of corpses.  

“Most of the scenes have been photographed but because the bodies are badly decomposed normal identification methods are not possible.  We are going to do whatever we have to to get these families some closure on their loved ones.”

John Lee, one of the top Forensic Anthropologists today, has been hired to help with the reconstruction of the bodies.  Dr. Lee is well known for his work on the OJ Simpson case, JonBenet Ramsey and consulted on the DC Sniper and Vincent Foster cases.  

Lee was  born in China but fled to Taiwan in 1982 with his family.  He has his Phd in biochemistry and came to the US specifically to study Forensic Science.  

Not all of his work has been spectacular.  He has come under fire for accusations that he tampered with evidence in the Phil Spector case.

Parents and siblings of people who have been missing are flocking to Columbus to deliver personal items of their loved ones to help body identification.  Already 50 of the 173 bodies have been identified with the combined efforts of DNA testing and Forensic Anthropology.  

Underground Work Continues
Even after the discovery last month of the bodies in the sewers, work continues on the Underground Revitalization Project.  The project which is currently scheduled to end in early 2016 will be adjusting the way that rainwater flows under the city.  

“A lot of our sewer design is well over 100 years old” one person from Columbus Department of Utilities advised.  “Many times we didn’t fix old issues we just put a patch on them.  That is why our sewer systems need this.”  

The current efforts, to not disturb that criminal investigation, have moved downtown.  While this was supposed to be a later portion of the project it is one part that can be completed while the cleanup at the original site continues.  

Workers for the Department of Public Utilities are happy to be out of the area where one of their co-workers was killed last month by an unknown danger.  

Death of an Icon
On July 6th, Columbus’ oldest Independent movie theatre and draft house caught fire and was destroyed.  The fire looks to be suspicious as there were accelerant found at the scene that are beyond the alcohol that was in the building.  Fire marshals are still looking for witnesses but no one seemed to see anything and there are no security cameras in the area.  

It was located in the heart of Clitonville and featured new movies, classic cinema, and special events.  It opened its doors in 1938 and had some issues during the 1950’s where it transitioned to showing soft core porn and then in the 1960’s where it showed art films.  

There were rumors that it was haunted by a man in 1930s clothing who was sometimes seen walking past the concession stand or along the screen. He was occasionally spotted in the seats, watching the movie along with everyone else, although he was always gone by the time the credits roll.  

The theatre will be missed.  The owners do not plan to rebuild.  

June news

posted Jul 23, 2015, 7:37 PM by Peter DiGravio

Sorely needed sewer expansion projects on hold as workers discover mass graves: During some excavations and demolitions of some poorly documented infrastructure near the scioto demolition crews uncovered what appears to be a mass grave. Some of of the bodies appear to be at least four years old if not older. Body count appears to be in the hundreds. operations have been suspend and local police are deliberating handing their investigation off to FBI. The grisly discovery comes at a critical time as Central Ohio faces record high rain and flooding.

Heavy flooding was cited as the cause of a central ohio blackout that lasted most of Sunday early morning. AEP reported that water penetrated an underground relay bunker which resulted in a catastrophic loss of power that effected not only commercial and residential but telecom sector as well. Power crews had the bypass of the damaged equipment up before dawn. 

In a related story there was another sewer incident that resulted in a city worker's death. Crews have quarantined the area because of the abnormal circumstances of the death, on site supervisors are saying it was not an accident and that it appears the area was booby trapped pending a full investigation. 

The Columbus Death Ball had a successful third year running. Known for combining high energy death metal and high end sexual fetish. When the professional production company responsible for the 2013-14 events didn't step in to secure the permits the cult like community following for the convention stepped up to make sure the show happened. 2015 took the convention to new heights with those attending saying it far surpassed even sexapoloza's over the top antics which were marred by several highly publicized murders. 

A hotel on the southern outskirts of Columbus was the site of a mysterious, and grisly murder. Six women who had all been picked up from various night clubs and led off by an unidentified man and taken by limo bus to [hotel location] where they went in to what they were told was going to be a suite party. The woman report instead being drugged and waking up groggy to gunfire as an unknown make gripped their host in a bear hug and crushed him to the point his bones were loudly breaking. The attacker then threw his victim out the third story window before jumping out himself. The women fled and called emergency services which could not locate any of the men, but did find several suitcases full of needles, tubes, and several pints of each woman's blood.

The Rhodes government building downtown has been undergoing rigorous late night fire alarm tests and other emergency drills. Supervisors give the facility an A+ grade!

Road related deaths are at a seasonal high up 18% from last year with at least 111 deaths attributed to reckless driving. An incident in German Village set a very somber tone when a wounded woman was ejected through the windshield as a another intoxicated woman attempted to drive her to the hospital. In another notable accident a RV full of people leaving Columbus after Red White and Boom collided head on with a Semi killing everyone involved. Authorities say heavy drug use was involved and the RV may have been storing additional explosive compounds to account for the extreme burns many of the victims suffered. 

Rickenbacker Airforce personnel reported several missing items from their armory. While officials declined to comment specifics, rumors indicate the items were air to air missiles. 

Meigs county sheriff raided the county's former jail house where an anonymous tip revealed a major drug lab that was providing the majority of Central Ohio with the highly poisonous Krokodil drug that took Columbus by storm. The lab had been producing a particularly low grade version of the drug going so far as to swap chemical components out for more harmful alternatives. The raid of the lab marks the end of a focused effort by regional law enforcement to combat the corrosive drug.

April / May 2015

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April / May news


New Albany golf club members are furious over AEP's decisions to move high tension power lines through the golf course. Members are calling the reasoning baseless and calling for a cease and desist.

Police were called to the Josephinium after local gang members forced their way onto grounds to cause problems.

Chimera Transplant Proves Successful -To address the shortage of human organs, many scientists and several

biotechnology companies have been working on an answer that, at first glance might seem like science fiction: use organs from animals. The procedure is called xenotransplantation and Chimera Industries is  the first on the block to have done it successfully.

Columbus approves a multi million dollar storm sewer renovation project. In the wake of a string of flash floods the city will be  re-vamping the sewer filtration systems, engineering and channel layouts. City officials are very excited to begin the project calling them "long over due" and "critical to the sanitation of Columbus's citizens for the next three decades".  The program will be offering tax incentives to local companies who get on board and directly sponsor the program.

Owner of 9 Ohio grocery stores 'is the leader of large-scale heroin, cocaine and marijuana ring and hired hitman to kill the officers who arrested him' - The owner of nine grocery stores in central Ohio is accused of leading a large-scale drug ring trafficking heroin, cocaine and marijuana from Mexico to Chicago and Ohio for years. Liborio Alcauter was one of 29 people indicted in a large-scale drugs sting last September. Investigators are also probing claims he hired a Mexican hitman to kill the judge and investigators after his arrest,

Cleveland Mayor’s Daughter’s Fiancé Found Dead - William Chapman, Billy to his friends and fiancé Katherine (Katie) wilcox, allegedly took his own life by jumping off the roof of his Euclid Heights Blvd. apartment building. Katie is Cleveland Heights Mayor Dennis Wilcox’s only daughter.

A series of massive explosions at Rickenbacker airport occurred last month, sources report inappropriately stored jet fuel caught fire during aircraft repairs and destroyed a hanger bordering the Air Force base. Officials state casualties were high.

Jun Nguyen, an OSU engineering student was found dead in the OSU main library. Nguyen tested high for caffeine pills and her death has sparked a fresh round of criticism of demands placed on students during finals.

Man Robs Store Wearing "Michael Myers" Mask - Columbus Police were searching for a man who robbed a south Columbus convenience store at gunpoint. Detectives say it happened around 1:35 a.m. Thursday at the Thorntons in the 3800 block of Alum Creek Drive. Police say the suspect walked in wearing a "Michael Myers" mask and holding a handgun. He demanded cash and cigarettes, then took off on foot.

Rock on the Range reported record high injuries spanning from sun stroke and dehydration this year

Bold Bandits Strike Same Gas Station Three Times In One Night -Police are on the hunt for a pair of robbers who hit a southeast Columbus gas station three times within the span of several hours. The first incident started around 1:30 a.m. on Monday at a United Dairy Farmers on Noe Bixby Road.   Police say the men entered the store, but no employees were at the counter.  The thieves then stole several items before fleeing on foot. About an hour later, police say the same men returned, but were now armed.  They robbed the clerk and fled once again with cash from the register. It’s unclear how much money was stolen. While 10TV’s Tino Ramos was on scene reporting on the first two robberies across the street from the UDF, the store was robbed a third time.

A woman was reported abducted by drug dealers near OSU off campus housing in late April. When she attempted to escape her captors opened fire and threw her from a fifth story balcony. Sources report she has recovered and the suspects are in custody.

Local Occult hotspot ZZ boots was the site of yet another incident. Passerby's report what looked like missiles fired off nearby Chevy dealership rooftops hammering cars parked in the zz boots parking lot. Nearby residents reported gunfire and tires squealing. This has sparked a remembrance of Garrett Tyler who's paranormal blog Columbus Sentile which heavily reported on the alien and shadow government happening s centering on ZZ Boots. Rest easy Garrett, your legacy lives on!

A pair of extremely rare white peacocks have been donated to the Columbus Zoo by an unknown source.  Friends of the zoo are elated by the generous donation and they are set to be the focus of a new exhibit.

The Sad Bad Day wooden sculptures have been stolen by the Columbus Art Museum. Staff is still trying to figure out how exactly the heist went down and why only that piece was stolen. A reward of $40,000 has been offered to anyone with information about its current location.

March 2015 News

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Red Light Cameras To Be Turned Off March 23
A new state law requires a police officer to be posted at a red light camera 24-7. For Columbus, that would require taking 114 police officers off the streets to man 38 intersections where there are cameras. City Public Safety Director George Speaks said that’s not good for safety and it’s not financially practical.
“Our cost went from $100,000 to $11.4 million.
Speaks said the cameras will be turned off March 23. But they won’t be taken down just yet. The city is expected to decide soon whether to join a lawsuit that claims the new law violates home rule.
“So until the lawsuit would be decided one way or the other, the infrastructure would remain in place should it be turned on in the future.”
People who run a red light prior to March 23 will still receive a ticket. The cameras have generated nearly $10 million for Columbus, since 2006. Speaks said right angle crashes declined by 74 percent since the cameras were installed.

More evidence missing from Casion Huntinton bank heist
Police are baffled as for a second time police cruiser video equipment has gone missing. The bank's internal video footage was also stolen. First responders to the Casino location Huntington bank were found dead on site by backup units as the location was once again the site of an attempted bank robbery. Federal agents handling the case declined to comment on specifics but sources inside CPD report that the video recording equipment was mysteriously removed from each of the three first wave responding vehicles. Last January a similar situation plagued the investigation of the first robbery after FBI agents lost the cruiser and bank security footage. 

Father Norman Richards of Vineyard Church to give his return sermon Easter evening.
Norman Richards was involved in a deadly car accident prior to entering the Josephinium which placed him in intensive care for over a month. Sources say Richards while still injured is determined to reach out to the people of his congreation to spread the word of God. This will also mark Richards first sermon in the newly renovated Vineyard church which was crippled following a terrorist bombing in late 2014.

Serial bank robbers crime spree ended in a bloody shootout
A local bank heist gang met its end late night of March 15th. Reports of gunfire drew police attention to the west broad 5/3rd location where they followed a trail of bullet casings which led them to condo complexes of Creek Side Condo complex in West Columbus. CPD reports that rifts within the gang structure led to a dispute over money that resulted in violent infighting including a car chase and open firefights that lead to the death of both parties deep in the condo complex. Surrounding neighborhoods report full auto gunfire and at least three explosions. This unfortunate chain of events let to the gruesome discovery of the "Creek Side Rampage"

Serial Killer baths in blood of 20 West Side residents.
The events of a gruesome bank robbery gone wrong resulted in the discovery of what some are calling the worst serial killing spree of Columbus's history. Marcus Deece who was recently paroled from his prison sentence for aggravated assault was discovered on site in the Creek Side condo complex. Deece has been accused of breaking into each of the condo's and drugging and overpowering residents with chemicals, ritualistically murdering them and reportedly bathing in their blood. Police say his rampage spanned over a week but poor communication between neighbors probably prevented anyone from noticing what was happening, combined with cold weather that prevented foul orders from spreading. Responders to the bank heist shootout became suspicious when none of the condo residents would answer their doors when emergency crews were checking in. Deece who had penned a confession was confronted by police in the master bedroom of one of the units covered in blood and naked with a butcher knife near a victim when he died of what was later identified by Franklin Coroner as a massive heart attack. 

Man Sentenced For Impersonating Cop
 An Ohio man who pulled over a detective while impersonating a police officer has been sentenced to 18 months of probation and ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. Fifty-year-old Gregory Refield, of Marion, was sentenced Thursday in Columbus. A judge fined him $1,000 and ordered that all contents seized from his car, including a gun and law enforcement paraphernalia, be destroyed. Refield was arrested Oct. 13 after a detective said Refield shined a spotlight into his car and swerved in front of him on Interstate 76 outside Akron.

Religious and Psychic convention visits Columbus
The Astral Angel convention is set to be hosted in the basement of the Buckeye hall of Fame grill on Olentangy. Initially set to be hosted in the recently closed Ramada Plaza on Sinclare, the convention was able to move to the Hall of Fame. Critics of the convention call it a cheap imitation of the wildy successful Angel's and Alien's paranormal convention which was also hosted in the Ramada which reached national attention due to a guest apperance by famed paranormal blogger Garrett Tyler. The Astral Angel convention taking place April 12 has been targeted by local paranormal commnunity bloggers as corporate money grab which they vow will be protested in a Garrett Tyler vigil where his community contributions will be honored. 

Woman Stabbed Boyfriend In Groin For Eating All Her Salsa
Police in Columbus, Ohio, said Lincoln, 50, allegedly stabbed her boyfriend in the groin with a pen Sunday evening after he ate all the salsa in their house. Lincoln's boyfriend, Ronnie D. Huckler, 61, told police that he and the accused were arguing about the salsa consumption when she allegedly stabbed him with the pen. The suspect then walked over to the TV and threatened to knock it on the floor, according to When Buckner grabbed the TV, Lincoln allegedly walked to the kitchen to grab a knife and used it to cut him in the stomach. Lincoln fled the scene while Huckler called 911. Responding officers found him on the floor clutching his stomach.

Feb 2015 news

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Major 'krokodil' crackdown launched in Central Ohio after new flesh-eating drug kills 13. 
A crackdown on a lethal new “mind-bending and flesh-eating” designer drug that has killed 13 and poisoned almost 300 people in Central Ohio.
Seven known people have died and 187 poisoned by taking the synthetic 'krokodil' in the last week alone in the area. One young man covered in blood, clutched a knife, as he threatened to throw himself from a window, before being talked down by neighbors. Other users have crashed cars, violently attacked neighbors, or suffered heart and brain seizures. Extreme profit margins make removing the drug from the streets exceptionally difficult for law enforcement. 

Hound Dog's returns to 24 hour format
After a recent change in management, the local pizza staple returns to its previous infamous 24/7 operating hours. Staff and customers alike have been delighted with the recent renovations that came along with the purchase as well.

Women abducted from Ohio University fraternity
The Sigma Epslion Epsilon fraternity reported a home invasion in mid feburary stating that a man forced entry into the chapter house and abducted two female guests and causing property damage. The sheriff's office believe the two women were fugitives wanted in connection with a string of home invasions in Delaware county.

Columbus Sex-a-paloza hosts a suicide party
Several attendants to the Feburary sex-a-paloza sex tradshow were found in their hotel rooms in what investigators are calling a sex party gone wrong. Victims appear to have died from self inflicted slit throats and other suicide efforts. Investigators found no evidence of drug play though one female in an adjacent room was also found dead due to hundreds of bite marks. 

Man Goes On Bender After Pet Pig Eats His Marijuana
On Sunday, deputies in Washington County, Ohio arrested Chad Spoon, 44, on disorderly conduct charges that started after he discovered Millie, his beloved pet, had gobbled up his marijuana. Deputies arrived at Spoon's house after he called 911 several times and said he was having suicidal thoughts. During one call, he said he was holding a butcher's knife to his own throat, according to the police report. In order to arrest him, officers subdued Spoon with a Taser. He was charged with disorderly conduct by intoxication and resisting arrest, both misdemeanors, and later released. 2 days prior to the incident a post to social media by spoon stated "Anyone want a pig? She is free and comes with food and cage," he wrote. "She is house broken as long as you show her where to go. If you have a dog, she will follow it. I just dont have time for her anymore."

The A.M. Foundation will be holding a fund-raiser promoting Terminal illness awareness.
For two weeks, there will be a convention held at the Columbus Convention center to increase awareness of terminal illness ; leukemia, cancer, HIV, and other blood borne pathogens.

Teacher Convicted Of Showing High School Class Violent Movie 'ABCs Of Death'
COLUMBUS, Ohio A former substitute teacher who showed a movie featuring graphic sex and violence to a high school class has been convicted of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles. Sheila Cyerns showed the film, "The ABCs of Death," during five periods of a Spanish class at East High School in Columbus in April 2013, prosecutors said. The movie consists of 26 chapters, each depicting some form of grisly death and representing a letter of the alphabet, such as "E is for Exterminate," ''O is for Orgasm" and "T is for Toilet." Detective Lolita Berryman testified Cyerns seemed unconcerned when the movie's content was described to her. Berryman said she talked with Cyerns about the movie chapter "L is for Libido," about a sex contest whose winner is killed by a chain saw. "She told me," Berryman said, "'Those kids see worse than that at home.'"

Self-styled 'seer' faces murder trial for death he foretold
Athens OH — The leader of an Ohio commune that prosecutors say lived off life insurance payouts from its dead members faces trial this week in the 2003 drowning of a woman whose death he had allegedly foretold weeks earlier. Witnesses have testified Marco Ibanez called himself a seer and portrayed him as a domineering leader who kept a tight rein on his young, mostly female followers. Perez also faces multiple counts of lying on life insurance applications, rape, sodomy, criminal threat, making false statements on auto credit applications and sexual exploitation of a child.

Janurary 2015 news

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Wild animals attacks on the rise in the Battelle Darby area
Several hikers have reported attacks by wild animals taking refunge in teh Battelle Darby natural preserve. Several moderate bites were treated at nearby Doctor's West hospital. Other reports claim animals have even taken into taking refuge in residential homes from the cold weather, killing family pets in the process. Animal control has vowed to make sure residents are safe.

Local Pizza empire ceases 24 hour operation
Local pizza staple Hounddogs will no longer be open around the clock. Following a disturbance New Year's Eve where police were assaulted by patrons which resulted in the use of pepperspray on everyone in the establishment, management has decided the doors will now close at 3am and open back at 10am.

2 Arrested In Massage Parlor Raids Across Central Ohio
Agents with the Ohio Attorney General's Office and the Central Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force raided a number of massage parlors across the region on Wednesday. Ohio AG Mike DeWine said it was suspected that the parlors were fronts for sex crimes and human trafficking. "Today we are not just arresting those who are suspected of trafficking women for sex, we are also rescuing those who may be victims of this heinous crime," said Columbus Police Commander Gary Cameron. The raids took place at the following locations:

•    Amsun Massage, 128 East Olentangy Street, Powell
•    Amsun Massage, 1000 High Street, Worthington
•    Rainbow Massage, 5564 Hilliard Rome Road, Columbus
•    A private residence at 2144 Jasmine Court, Columbus

Two people were arrested as part of the investigation. Qing Xu and Xiao Shuang Chao were taken into custody. “I'm disappointed.  It's a black eye to our community,” said Bud McNichols of Upright Management. McNichols is the property manager who told 10TV that Amsun was not a legitimate business. He says red flags went up when he realized the parlor was keeping late hours, and that's not all. “Folks would park a distance away and walk up, and of course, that's not normal,” added McNichols. Police say a three-month investigation revealed women were forced to live at the parlor, sleeping on massage tables, never allowed to leave. Authorities rescued 18 women who they believe were living in servitude.  “A little bit of shock - realize their whole environment has been controlled by somebody else,” said Chief Gary Vest, Powell Police. “We don't want them in our back yard.  We want to send a message that you can't hide in plain sight and put your ads on Craigslist and put your ads on back page and think you can get away with it.  We're going to shut you down,” said Agent Nathan Emery, Homeland Security Investigations.

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. To report activity you think may be related to human trafficking or to seek help, contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 888-3737-888.  

Local paranormal expert murdered before going on stage
Garret Tyler, operator of the famous conspiracy theory blog was set to guest speak at supernatural author Robin Pyatt Bellamy's book signing at the Columbus Athenaeum on January 11th when a member of Tyler's volunteer security team came into Tyler's dressing room and shot Tyler along with several of his aids. Tyler had grown rapidly into a local celebrity for his detailed blogging and charismatic speeches at the popular Aliens and Angels convention last October. Sources say Tylers killer, armature security guard  Brian McGraff had been under heavy financial strain and had turned to drugs. Sources say that Garrett Tyler had chastised McGraff's performance on the security detail prior to McGraff pulling a licensed conceal carry pistol and opening fire on Tylers entourage. Columbus bids Tyler a fond, yet sad farewell. Good luck Garrett, and may you find the truth you were looking for on the other side!

Marysville Police Look Into Multiple Reports Of Counterfeit Bills
Police in Marysville are investigating six reports of counterfeit money. The counterfeit reports started Sunday, and earlier this week, investigators said they connected one man to at least three cases. They’re currently not connecting the suspect to the newest cases. One incident took place at a restaurant, when a counterfeiter tried to use a fake $20 bill, and the other two occurred at separate Marysville businesses.  One of the businesses reported that someone had tried to use a fake $100, and the other business reported that it received $320 in counterfeit money. The alleged counterfeiter took off in a white truck.

Missing persons reach a 10 year high
Central Ohio has been experiencing a spike in missing persons reports filed with the police. The only similarity between the cases is that the victims were last seen in the evening. The reports span the entire spectrum of socioeconomic status from rural to urban and rich to poor. Areas outside the 270 loop were more prominent though OSU campus has also had record high reports.

Casino area Huntington site of robbery double cross
A second South Western bank was robbed early evening of Jan 4th. Emergency responders found that the bank was host to heavy automatic weapon fire and carnage. Remains of a night shift security guard were found scattered around the lobby where Police believe robbers attached chains to the vault door were hooked to vehicles in the parking lot in an attempted to tear it open. There appears to have been either an argument or a double cross that resulted in robbers opening fire on each other with crews outside shooting into the building. Abnormal sever weather hampered police investigations following the shooting as a police helicopter lost control in the limited visibility clipping power lines before crashing in the parking lot behind Westland Mall. The Columbus Police dept mourns the loss of the downed helicopter crew.

Authorities kill Short North Posse’s chief in gun battle
He wasn’t going to be captured without a fight. Officials had spent much of the past year and a half looking for Jermonte Fletcher, the reported leader of the Short North Posse drug-trafficking ring and a man called a curse by his mother. On Tuesday morning, they found him. Law-enforcement officers knocked on the door of a South Side apartment about 8:15 a.m. As they entered, Fletcher started firing an automatic pistol, and three officers shot back. Fletcher, 33, died at the scene.
U.S. Marshal Peter Tobin of the Southern District of Ohio called Fletcher “a really desperate armed fugitive.” Tobin told reporters at the shooting scene that members of a federal fugitive task force went to 265 Buffalo Court in the Southpoint Village Apartments after receiving information that Fletcher might be there. Pat Sedoti, chief deputy marshal, said a woman answered the door and told the officers that Fletcher was inside. Officers saw Fletcher at the top of the stairs, and the gunbattle began. “There were numerous shots from both sides,” Sedoti said. No officer was shot. In addition to the Columbus police officer and two State Highway Patrol troopers who fired at Fletcher, other task-force members were outside, although an exact number was unavailable on Tuesday. One member of the task force grabbed the woman who answered the door and pulled her outside. The Columbus officer removed an 8-year-old boy from the apartment after the shooting. The officer was hospitalized for an injury to his knee. Fletcher fired a Mac 10 automatic pistol, Tobin said. He had previously “made statements he would not be taken alive, so he was bound and determined” not to be.

Wanted Central Ohio Treasure Hunter Arrested In Florida
Central Ohio treasure hunter who was on the run from authorities is now behind bars. Tommy Thompson has been locked in a legal battle over one of the greatest undersea hauls in American history. Now, he's locked behind bars. It was on Tuesday when U.S. Marshals moved in. They had been watching Thompson and his female companion. The marshals say Thompson was paying cash for the Florida hotel room where he and his companion lived for more than a year. Thompson and Alison Antekeier were both taken into custody and are being held in a Palm Beach County Jail where they will be extradited back to Ohio.

Car crash claims lives of two federal agents
During evidence transportation of the Jan 4th Georgisville bank robbery, a police convoy was part of a fatal traffic accident that resulted in transport cars slamming into the concrete median on 670 east. Agents Jones and Brown perished in the accident, two police officers were taken to the hospital but have since recovered. Critical evidence was reported destroyed in the fatal accident.

Train derailment claims lives of emergency service workers
A train derailed late on the night of January 24th near the Mansfield airport. Investigators Monday morning discovered that a stolen Semi truck cab had been pulled onto the tracks nestled between cornfields with clear intent to derail the train. Several waves of police, EMT and fire fighters were called out to the disaster but perished on site due to toxic gases and explosions from the trains cargo sections. 

Teen ran over in Easton Towne Center parking lot
Cody Nevan died after being struck by a black Chevy Impala late Friday night. Witnesses say the act was deliberate with sounds of laughter and howling erupting from the car while it rapidly accelerated towards Nevan who was attempting to run to safety. Authorities are still searching for those responsible.

Talent show to serve as fundraiser for mentally handicapped
The Columbus school for the def will be hosting a the fundraiser which will charge $25 per ticket with the winner of the contest getting front row tickets for the Feburary 27th Nickleback concert. All proceeds will go to agencies that support Columbus's mentally handicapped and to the school for the deaf.

Human Trafficking Indictments Follow Massage Parlor Raids
Three people suspected of running massage parlors where prostitution was taking place have each been indicted on 15 different human trafficking related felony charges.  Qink Xu, 67, Xiaoshuant Chao, 56 and Estella Xu, 54 are now charged with engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, a first degree felony that also carries a human trafficking specification. The trio is also charged with eight counts of promoting prostitution with a human trafficking specification, three counts of practice of medicine or surgery without a certificate and three counts of money laundering.

Businesses Say North Columbus After-Hours Club Busted By Police Was a Nuisance
Inside a north Columbus strip mall, small businesses are trying to attract customers, but say the business across the street wasn't making it easy. Randal Marks of Ange’s Pizza says he has noticed that some customers are less likely to come in his shop because of what happened across the street at La Rue Upscale Banquet Facility on Karl Road.  Police say the facility was operating as an after-hours bar. In August, police say customers were responsible for shooting out the windows of a nearby gym.  Later that year, a man was shot dead in the mall’s parking lot. Since October 2014, police say there have been four shootings associated with the business. “It was just one incident after the other,” recalls Dana Jones, who runs a nearby hair salon.  She says she's the last thing she needs is negative news about the area.  “It also impacts your family because they are worried about you leaving the salon late at night.” Police say shutting down after-hour clubs for alcohol or drug violations isn't the problem.  But when a club is responsible for violent acts, police say the law is not on their side.  “No one should have to live in fear because of dangerous activity in their neighborhood,” says State Representative David Leland (D) Columbus. Leland proposed a bill that would add "a history of violence" to the nuisance law and give police the power to board up business.  “If there are shots being fired at the property, Columbus and code enforcement can go out to (a) property and shut (it) down.” For people like Randall Marks, it’s a law he says that makes sense.  “I think that's a great idea they should uphold that.” When police raided the business early Friday morning, detectives say a mother, father and their 20-year-old daughter were living there.
Investigators say they also found evidence that pornography was filmed inside.
The business is the subject of numerous police runs.  Police say people were shot, robbed, and allegedly raped at or near the business.  Undercover officers say they bought drugs and alcohol, even though the business doesn't have a liquor license.

Gangster shootout leads to barn fire in Galloway
Heavy gunfire accompanied what police believe to be the continuation of a failed bank heist across from the Hollywood Casino. First responders found human remains as well as heavy assault rifles near a family operated farm in Galloway. Remains of burned cash taken from the Georgisville Huntingon bank was found scattered on site along with three burned vehicles, one of which had crashed into the hay barn leading to a fire that consumed much of the property. The family who's name is being withheld also perished that evening though it is unclear if they died before or after the incident as wild animals that have been a problem in the area fed on the corpses before police investigators arrived. 

The Banjo is back in style
Crowds have been gathering near Franklin Conservatory to listen to the gleeful strums of locals looking to bring the Banjo back. Campus area and Short north residents have created quite the buzz about the night time jam sessions, though several local music scene newspapers have called the park play "More hipster attention grab bull****" sparking a rash spray paint vandalism on several local record stores. 

Craigslist Couple's Bodies Likely Found, SUV Located in Pond
Searchers discovered a pair of bodies Monday afternoon in Telfair County that are likely missing Cobb County couple Elrey “Bud” Runion and his wife June Runion.
The Runions went missing in the area last week, reportedly on their way to retrieve a 1966 Ford Mustang that Bud bought on Craigslist, their daughter told WSB-TV. The Runions were supposed to return Friday to babysit their grandchildren, but they never arrived. A few hours after the bodies were discovered, law enforcement searching nearby found the champagne 2003 GMC Envoy the Runions were thought to be driving when they disappeared. Authorities in Franklin County have arrested a suspect in the disappearance and possible murder of the Runions; Ronnie “Jay” Towns was taken into custody on Monday morning after he turned himself in to police. Investigators interviewed Towns on Sunday regarding the disappearance of the Runions, then issued arrest warrants for Towns on charges of making false statements and theft by deception.

Woman wanted in connection with Church bombing killed in police raid
Known con artist and minor criminal Shi May was served a search warrant on the morning of January 27th. May has been implicated in the bombing of the Columbus Vineyard church last November, but when police entered her home May opened fire on the officers. Two officers died during the attempted arrest before police were able to fatally subdue Shi May. Father Norman Richards held funeral services for the officers free of charge at the newly renovated Vineyard Church where he personally held services stating that "It was with great bravery that these heroes hunted down this vile monster. It is unfortunate violence had to happen and that the American people were robbed of chance to put May on trial, but in the end justice had been served. Their sacrifices will be remembered by the church for all time."

'Braveheart Bandit' Arrested
A suspect in several thefts, nicknamed the “Braveheart Bandit”, lost his freedom after being arrested shortly after his mugshot was released. Christopher R. Peters, was arrested January 22, after being be targeted by the Columbus City Attorney's Office for allegedly stealing from multiple merchants in 2014. Peters, who was known as the “Braveheart Bandit” because of a distinctive triangle tattoo on his face, is also a registered sex offender charged with a felony count of failing to verify his address. Peters was caught multiple times in 2014 for stealing merchandise from Home Depot, Anderson's, Target and Old Navy, worth more than $1,700 according to the city attorney's office. “I can't imagine it was a smart career choice for a thief to get a blue triangle tattooed across his face,” said Assistant City Prosecutor Bill R. Hedrick. 

Father Norman Richards in critical condition
Father Norman Richards of Vineyard Church Columbus was rushed to Mt Carmel St Ann's emergency room following a head on collision Saturday night in front of the Josephinum Pontifical Collage. Richards has held the community together following the late October terrorist bombing of the Vineyard Church in Westerville.

Columbus Head Storyteller
CID House Rules:

December News

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Short North revival
In the wake of fires and bed bug outbreaks The Garden, a Short North staple has closed pending extensive rennovations. Owners say the club is looking forward to a massive relaunch to showcase the impressive new array of equipment and redisgned club space which insiders have indicated cost a pretty penny. Columbus has been plauged by plummeting night life options which the renovated Garden looks forward to taking advantage of expecting record setting turnouts as Columbus night life struggles to find an outlet.

Fire destroys well-known South Side restaurant
Columbus firefighters were called to the Ohio Deli & Restaurant, 3444 S. High St. at Williams Road, about 3:15 a.m. after smoke was seen billowing from the building, a dispatcher said. Because of the intensity of the fire, firefighters used a defensive strategy and didn’t try to enter the building, emergency-radio communications indicated.

Popular local blog Hacked! a Columbus cult staple that has exploded in popularity due to exposes on shadow government operations, air conditioned aliens, and super soldier military exercises has been off line for over a week now. Sources say the site has been targed by government hackers bent on suppressing the truth. Operator Garret Tyler vows that once the site has been secured he will be exposing the long awaited source his investigative efforts of the last several months have been focused on. 

Supernatural Signing
Acclaimed supernatural author Robin Pyatt Bellamy will be returning to Columbus to sign her newest book which examines the impact Men in Black have had on the development of the US educational system. Bellamy was in Columbus in late 2014 for the paranormal convention Angels and Aliens. Local shadow government whistle blower and operator of Garret Tyler will also be attending to give a symposium on the supernatural community in Columbus. Initial plans to host the event at the Book Loft were changed when the outpouring of public interest proved the venue to be too small with the event changed to Sunday the 11th at the Columbus Columbus Athenaeum.

Women Arrested For Allegedly Attempting To Break Into Delaware Homes
An alert resident helped authorities catch two women who officials said were trying to break into a Delaware County home Sunday night. That act was that Young and Malo were lost, their cell phone battery was dead, and they needed to know how to get to U.S. Route 23. "I knew that something was up," Brown said. "We're out in the rural area here and everybody's house was lit up, mine was dark. Why would you pick my house to ask for directions? The lights of the car came back on and I thought that that was odd that they were off. They came to the end of my driveway and turned in the opposite direction," he said. That was all it took for Brown to tell his wife to call 911. According to the Delaware County Sheriff's Office, the women were arrested in the 1500 block of Bean Oller Road in Liberty Township. 

Gangland assassinations
A series of car explosions that have been ripping through Columbus is being attributed to deliberate sabotage. Police are staying tight lipped at this time as to what group or individual is responsible for the explosions though sources say it is the result of a power strugle in the organised crime ranks of Columbus. Crime scene have all been tagged with a smiley face in red spray paint. Anyone with information should report to the police for a reward. 

Deputies Seek Tips About West Side Bank Robbery
Investigators say that a man wearing women's sunglasses and a pair of sweat pants robbed a West Columbus bank Thursday afternoon. According to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, the robbery happened around 3:30 p.m. at the U.S. Bank at 4200 Shoppers Lane. A man walked into the bank, presented a note demanding money and implied that he had a gun, according to investigators. The man then left in a late model Chrysler 300, black in color with tinted windows. The car was driven by an unknown person. The suspect was described as a black male with a light complexion standing six feet one inch tall. He was wearing black and gold “Baby Phat” female sunglasses, a black Ralph Lauren winter hat, a gray hooded sweatshirt, gray sweat pants, black gloves and black athletic shoes.

Repairs to the Vineyard inspire hope but shadow of tragedy looms
The Columbus mega church Vineyard is pushing ahead full steam with the extensive renovations required in the wake of last months terrorist attacks. The new campus will be almost twice as large as the origional church and boast extensive athletics facilities including obstacle courses, martial arts dojo's, a  re configurable urban setting paintball arena, and even an indoor archery range. When asked about the heavy focus on the new physical side of the church Father Norman Richards commented that in these trying times honing the physical form can is part of winning the spiritual crusade. The Vineyard is also set to offer number of scholastic awards to youngsters interested in theological studies who are able to maintain target goals in the churches new physical education program.

OSU Athlete and drifter found burned alive
A member of the OSU swim team and a homeless male were found on the outskirts of Columbus. Both were trapped in the trunk of a car that authorities say was set on fire, eventually exploding. Police are searching for a connection yet are not willing to link this incident to the string of car bombings plaguing the city.

High Levels Of Radon in 3 Out 4 Licking County Homes
A toxic gas spreading through homes is a big problem for people living in Licking County. The Licking County Health Department says almost 75% of the homes have high levels of radon. Radon is a colorless and odorless, radioactive gas that is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking.

The deer that won't die
Hunters are reporting a 150 point buck that has evaded several confirmed kills this season. Hunters say despite confirmed life threatening shots on the buck, it has been able to shrug off the shots and escape leading to rumors of a new breed of deer that has shifted the location of its heart explaining the phenomenon despite no hard evidence to support the claims. A reward is being offered by anyone who produces video footage of the daredevil deer.

Muskingum County Crews Respond To Car In Water
The effort to recover a car that drove into a Muskingum County pond was temporarily called off Thursday evening. According to the Zanesville post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the incident was reported at about 3:30 a.m. on the 6200 block of Maysville Pike, southwest of Zanesville. Initial reports indicated that one or two people could have been inside the car when it went into the water. The patrol said that they are treating the incident as a recovery operation. Crews say that they need to break through a layer of ice that has formed around the car before they are able to pull it out. The search for the car resumed Friday. Rescue workers discovered a driver who's name is being witheld who expereinced heavy lacerations and extreme blood loss. While no passenger was located reports the rear driver door window had been kicked out. 

Explosion in Powell linked to drug ring
Late night explosions rocked a quiet trailor community in Powell. The Firemashel reports that the tell tale signs of meth production are overly abundant at the site though it is still unclear if the explosion was an accident or intentional. Owners of the trailer are still missing. 

Former Deputy Pleads To Child Porn Charges
A former Franklin County deputy pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges relating to possession of child pornography. Justin Iddings, 31, pleaded guilty to two felony counts of pandering obscenity involving a minor. Iddings was arrested in March of 2014 after members of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force searched his Westerville home, seizing computers, computer equipment and firearms.

November news

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Terror attacks rock Columbus's Christian community
The 11/9/14 explosions at the Vineyard church's night time services in Westerville continue to haunt all of Columbus. At this time Homeland Security and FBI have confirmed that the night service massacre that has left over 50 dead were the result of two dynamite blasts. Evidence shows the explosions came from what was most likely candle fixtures on opposite sides of the sanctuary. Vineyard is well known as the largest religious institutions in Central Columbus which is notorious for religious center attacks. The Josephinum pontifical college has been the target of several explosive attacks as well, however this is the first time deliberate efforts seem to have been taken to include those attending services though there is speculation as to why the attack was not conducted during morning services. The action has been condemned at the highest levels of local, state and federal with Homeland Security and FBI assuming direct authority of investigations. 

Father Norman Richards of Vineyard has been very vocal in rallying support for the victims of the tragedy acknowledging the generous external support pouring in from the all denominations. Richards also says "It is easy for us in America to turn a blind eye to the suffering everywhere around us, but this unforgivable sin, this act of pure darkness has opened our eyes. Make no mistake, monsters and cowards sulk in the shadows. Their actions test our faith and resolve, but we walk in step with Jesus Christ and every inch the craven try to push us back, we will march forward a mile. Divine judgement will come to those responsible for the senseless murders of innocent, church going human beings." Richardson reports that security at the other Vineyard campus will be drastically increased to ensure the protection of members and that once investigations have concluded Vineyard plans to use the incident to build a larger, improved Westerville location. 

West side bank robbery results in evidence tampering
Two FBI agents were fired and arrested when evidence regarding an after hours Huntington Bank robbery on West Broad street went missing. Both former agents have declined to comment at this time. In a press release the Police department in conjunction with the FBI  states "Everyone is accountable to the law and we will make no effort to protect those who violate it, especially those who have sworn to protect it. We hold ourselves to the highest standard and we will not abide an abuse of the public's trust."

God is dead, Satan lives. 
Reward Offered For Information On New Albany Church hate crime Vandalism

Illegal chemical release [this plant IC is located at the southen tip of pickaway county]
An Ohio Environmental Protection Agency spokeswoman said Monday that Glatfelter did not properly notify local authorities about a chemical discharge on Halloween, the smell of which was picked up as far away as Columbus.

Columbus night life continues to disappoint. 
Following the massive bedbug outbreak during the fall and closing of several popular clubs, the Columbus nightlife has yet to recover as we move into the Winter which traditionally see's considerable business. Many local bars also report comparativly dismal performance during this seasons OSU games. "People are just afraid to go out it seems" said Tammy Burke, a recently laid off waitress at the posh Bar 23. "Between the bedbugs, shootings, fires, explosions, weather and people just going missing... no one wants to go out. I mean, not even church is safe, you know? " Home use of recreational druges is also suspected in the continuing trend of poor nightlife.

Ebola Reaches Northeast Ohio
CLEVELAND, OH – While Amber Joy Vinson, the Dallas nurse and Akron native and Firestone High School graduate and Kent State University, survived the ebola virus, several other nurses from other local Cleveland hospitals were also on the October 10 flight with her and are still in quarantine.

Mishaps at nuke repository lead to $54M in fines
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - New Mexico on Saturday levied more than $54 million in penalties against the U.S. Department of Energy for numerous violations that resulted in the indefinite closure of the nation's only underground nuclear waste repository.

4 OSU students still missing.
Many OSU students attended a heavily advertised Halloween party in Bucyrus last month. Four of them are still missing with friends and family making pleas to state and federal agencies to discover what happened. Reports from other major cities on Ohio indicate the four Buckeyes were not the only ones to go missing at the holiday party hosted by The Pit in Bucyrus which advertised "All the monsters coming out to play"

Members of Mexico's Angelito Negro Cult Believe the Devil Will Protect Them

The Highbanks Psycho
Local police are dealing with a string of animal mutilations near the Highbanks Metroparks. The bodies of animals bled dry have been littering the paths and roads in the area. There are also reports of a "knife wielding maniac" stalking the area and "hunting" humans at night. Police have yet to comment on any murders in the area though Rangers have announced that patrols are being increased.

Program helps abused women cover up unwanted tattoos
Last Sunday, Tonetta Jackson became the 10th woman to receive a free tattoo through Survivors Ink, a program that raises money to cover up the tattoos, scars or burns that brand sex-trafficking victims as the property of pimps, drug dealers or gangs. They might be names, bar codes, dollar signs or gang symbols. is back on the maps
After driving flocks of bored college students to the abandoned ZZ boots on Morse road, the local conspiracy theory website is back on the paranormal maps with a video of what the site claims is clear evidence that FEMA super soldiers are hunting down targets inside of Columbus. Citing well connected new contacts he made at the record breaking Angels and Aliens paranormal convention, the website has video of what appears to be a man attacking another man with a wooden spike so quickly he is blurring. The victim is standing by unphased appearing to argue while a woman in all white ignites her hand in fire before the video cuts out. The website claims this shadow government police action took place downtown outside of the The New Renaissance and theories the victim to be a next gen mutant, super soldier defector, alien or potentially an android. Poor camera work prevents clear identification of faces.  

Columbus police deal with suicide calls daily
Last month, Columbus police were called every two hours, on average, because someone was contemplating or had attempted suicide. On at least 140 occasions this year, those attempts were successful, making suicide almost twice as common as homicide.

Murder in the park
The newly renovated Bevelhymer park has already found itself a host to gruesome mass murder. Early in November a night time ritual was attacked by christian extremists who killed everyone in a recently invited pagan "Coven" in a hail of gunfire. This marked the first of several violent attacks targeting religious services in Columbus this November. 

Coal mine break in
A Muskingum coal mine museum reported a break in last month. Deputies arrived on scene to discover forced entry and a destroyed exhibit with several items stolen. Museum staff reports that among the items missing were several sticks of prop dynamite. Authorities are investigating possible connection the the Vineyard Church terrorist bombing. 

Whitehall rampage 
Several residents of Whitehall are still in intensive care after a car passing by threw flaming glass bottles of alcohol on them. Known as a Molotov Cocktail, the victims were covered in severe burns. Several of the victims died before emergency responders could arrive. Police believe the same group is responsible for a large fire caused in a nearby park, citing similar broken containers near the area officials believe the fire started. 

Missing 400-lb Sasquatch Statue, 'Squashy,' Returned To Ralph Spence
The Spence family in Delhi Township, west of Cincinnati, says their 400-pound concrete statue of the mythical beast, which was reported stolen Saturday, has been found. [this takes place in cbus not cincy]

More tragedy for the victims of the Vineyard bombing
Police have turned over investigations to the FBI concerning the recent poisoning of victims of the Vineyard bombing. The double dynamite attacks during night services in early November killed most on site with those few surviving being life flighted to surrounding hospitals. Tragically those lucky enough to survive the bombings were targeted with poison attacks as they laid in their hospital beds. Assassins masquerading as hospital staff entered victims rooms and injected lethal doses of Desomorphine into IV lines. Desomorphine, better known as Krokodil the infamous cheap, Russian heroine-like narcotic has been increasingly prevalent on Columbus's streets racking up high numbers of disfigured deaths through the lower income sections of the city. Authorities are unsure why the drug was used to murder the patients but Father Norman Richards says the message is clear: "Terrorism is what cowards use to prey on the helpless. This is not terrorism as We are not helpless. The monsters responsible for these crimes against humanity have made a clear declaration of war with us. Not just members of Vineyard, not just Christians, but of all of God's children. We stand united in our faith, Christian, Catholic, Muslim, any who walk with without fear in God's sunlight. We will give you your war." Richards also commented that the reports that Christians extremists were behind the Bevelhymer massacre were no. "As we cope with our continuing tragedy, it has become crystal clear to us that the lines these monsters have drawn puts all faithfull on the same side. What happened to those poor people at Bevelyhmer was disgusting, you have my sympathy and promise that we are victims of the same enemy. Vineyard stands as a safe haven to all humans regardless of religion. I formally invite them to hold services safely on any of our campuses."

Alphabet Soup!
Increasingly high profile crimes around the Columbus area has resulted in continued attention from several federal law enforcement agencies. An unamed source in the Mayor's office went on file as saying "Between the shootout at the airport, the tragedy at Vineyard, that crazy bank robbery... I'll tell you I see more coats that say NTSB, FBI and DHS then OSU. Did you know Wisconsin is under martial law? If I didn't know any better, I'd say we are too."

Mayor Coleman Will Not Seek Re-Election

Large warehouse fire uncovers stolen goods fencing ring
A large warehouse fire in Southwest Columbus lead police to discover one of the largest depots of stolen goods in Columbus's history. Stolen televisions, guns, cars, artwork, and even a military truck were just some of the things authorities found in the smoldering mess. Fire damage and removed serial numbers have made tracing most of the products impossible. "Before the fire, this place would have looked like a walmart filled with stolen merchandise" an officer said. The tenement had paid in cash with little information on file says the owner of the warehouse who is currently fearful he will be held accountable for what was stored on his property. 

Mother's police call leads to drug dealer son's shooting
Police in Newark say that they were forced to open fire after being called to the home of a suspected drug dealer. According to Newark police, officers were sent to a home on West Postal Avenue, near Mt. Vernon Road at about 8 p.m. after a woman called police and said that her son was dealing drugs out of her home.

Columbus Head Storyteller
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