11/2/11 Local

posted Nov 2, 2011, 6:59 AM by Peter DiGravio
The news is abuzz with breaking news. Early in the wee hours of Hallowe'en morning, a rash of mutilations sprang up throughout Columbus. The juvenile detention center was the scene of attacks upon several of the offenders - in each case, an eyeball was savagely ripped from them throughout the night.. Sources within the Ohio Department of Corrections have verified that this is not gang-related, and there have been no signs of forced entry into any of the cells. "I assure you that we take the security of our charges very seriously," Lt. Dan Werner, of OHDC, said last night in a press conference.

Reports have also spread of similar attacks on children throughout the south side of town. In every case, the children or pre-teens were living on the streets. "The public should remain calm throughout the week," the spokeman for the Columbus Police Department stated. "We have several leads as to the cause of these attacks. It is categorically untrue that the children attacked were targeted because of their socio-economic status."

The Columbus Dispatch has begun a three-part report on the growing homeless situation of families in Columbus. Is the economy to fault, or is the lack of funding for homeless and displaced family shelters in Columbus reaching a tipping point?

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