April / May 2015

posted Jun 7, 2015, 2:03 PM by Peter DiGravio

April / May news


New Albany golf club members are furious over AEP's decisions to move high tension power lines through the golf course. Members are calling the reasoning baseless and calling for a cease and desist.

Police were called to the Josephinium after local gang members forced their way onto grounds to cause problems.

Chimera Transplant Proves Successful -To address the shortage of human organs, many scientists and several

biotechnology companies have been working on an answer that, at first glance might seem like science fiction: use organs from animals. The procedure is called xenotransplantation and Chimera Industries is  the first on the block to have done it successfully.

Columbus approves a multi million dollar storm sewer renovation project. In the wake of a string of flash floods the city will be  re-vamping the sewer filtration systems, engineering and channel layouts. City officials are very excited to begin the project calling them "long over due" and "critical to the sanitation of Columbus's citizens for the next three decades".  The program will be offering tax incentives to local companies who get on board and directly sponsor the program.

Owner of 9 Ohio grocery stores 'is the leader of large-scale heroin, cocaine and marijuana ring and hired hitman to kill the officers who arrested him' - The owner of nine grocery stores in central Ohio is accused of leading a large-scale drug ring trafficking heroin, cocaine and marijuana from Mexico to Chicago and Ohio for years. Liborio Alcauter was one of 29 people indicted in a large-scale drugs sting last September. Investigators are also probing claims he hired a Mexican hitman to kill the judge and investigators after his arrest,

Cleveland Mayor’s Daughter’s Fiancé Found Dead - William Chapman, Billy to his friends and fiancé Katherine (Katie) wilcox, allegedly took his own life by jumping off the roof of his Euclid Heights Blvd. apartment building. Katie is Cleveland Heights Mayor Dennis Wilcox’s only daughter.

A series of massive explosions at Rickenbacker airport occurred last month, sources report inappropriately stored jet fuel caught fire during aircraft repairs and destroyed a hanger bordering the Air Force base. Officials state casualties were high.

Jun Nguyen, an OSU engineering student was found dead in the OSU main library. Nguyen tested high for caffeine pills and her death has sparked a fresh round of criticism of demands placed on students during finals.

Man Robs Store Wearing "Michael Myers" Mask - Columbus Police were searching for a man who robbed a south Columbus convenience store at gunpoint. Detectives say it happened around 1:35 a.m. Thursday at the Thorntons in the 3800 block of Alum Creek Drive. Police say the suspect walked in wearing a "Michael Myers" mask and holding a handgun. He demanded cash and cigarettes, then took off on foot.

Rock on the Range reported record high injuries spanning from sun stroke and dehydration this year

Bold Bandits Strike Same Gas Station Three Times In One Night -Police are on the hunt for a pair of robbers who hit a southeast Columbus gas station three times within the span of several hours. The first incident started around 1:30 a.m. on Monday at a United Dairy Farmers on Noe Bixby Road.   Police say the men entered the store, but no employees were at the counter.  The thieves then stole several items before fleeing on foot. About an hour later, police say the same men returned, but were now armed.  They robbed the clerk and fled once again with cash from the register. It’s unclear how much money was stolen. While 10TV’s Tino Ramos was on scene reporting on the first two robberies across the street from the UDF, the store was robbed a third time.

A woman was reported abducted by drug dealers near OSU off campus housing in late April. When she attempted to escape her captors opened fire and threw her from a fifth story balcony. Sources report she has recovered and the suspects are in custody.

Local Occult hotspot ZZ boots was the site of yet another incident. Passerby's report what looked like missiles fired off nearby Chevy dealership rooftops hammering cars parked in the zz boots parking lot. Nearby residents reported gunfire and tires squealing. This has sparked a remembrance of Garrett Tyler who's paranormal blog Columbus Sentile which heavily reported on the alien and shadow government happening s centering on ZZ Boots. Rest easy Garrett, your legacy lives on!

A pair of extremely rare white peacocks have been donated to the Columbus Zoo by an unknown source.  Friends of the zoo are elated by the generous donation and they are set to be the focus of a new exhibit.

The Sad Bad Day wooden sculptures have been stolen by the Columbus Art Museum. Staff is still trying to figure out how exactly the heist went down and why only that piece was stolen. A reward of $40,000 has been offered to anyone with information about its current location.