August 6th 2017 CID News Release

posted Aug 7, 2017, 7:56 AM by Peter DiGravio
Unpopular curfew in German Village is due to be repealed next month due to public outcry.

Peoples voices have been heard loud and change is due any day now.


Racist Stranger Ruins Asian American Woman’s Birthday Celebration at Bon Jovi Concert

Patricia Jackson thought it would be fun to watch a Bon Jovi concert to celebrate her 45th birthday. Little did she know that an unfortunate encounter with a racist concert attendee would ruin her night.

Brown was with her friend at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus last March for the Bon Jovi concert and toward the end of the show, a woman turned to her and casually said, “You don’t belong in this country.”

Shaken by the stranger’s comment, the Japanese-American who serves as an administrator at Columbus State Community College, left immediately.


Muslim man forces his way through TSA

A man hostilely talked his way through the TSA and picked up a young Asian girl from a private terminal. Police investigation is ongoing. 

Texas Calf Looks Like Kiss Rocker Gene Simmons

KERRVILLE, Texas (AP) — KISS frontman Gene Simmons is udderly thrilled by a newborn calf born with strikingly similar black-and-white markings to the face paint he wears on stage.

Simmons tweeted his admiration for the calf on Sunday, saying, “This is real, folks!!!”

The calf was born Friday at a ranch near Kerrville, Texas, which is about 60 miles (96 kilometers) northwest of San Antonio

Rising security company on the scene, Citadel Security is expanding its client base looking for new contracts in the Ohio region

CITSEC is opening doors in the security field, and is promising more jobs to the Columbus Area.


Assaults against members of the Muslim have escalated recently

Growing hostility is the word on the street, as event he Police and other agencies continue to baselessly profile members of the community.



[Tampa FL - Associated Press] – New Designer Drug

There is a new designer drug on the street and even with its dangers there seem to be no dearth of people scrambling to find it.

Amnesia, a name that is very on the nose, causes it's users to lose six hours of memory. During the six hours that they are under the effect of the drug they can be found to commit any number of actions that may seem out of the normal for them.

While most users seem to be keeping their activities to safe locations, some few have been found to have comited a variety of crimes ranging from simple theft to full on sexual assault.

Such is the Case with Justin Henrickson, some of Tampa's Chief of the Fire Department and Matthew Johnson, son of ADA George Johnson. Hendrickson and Johnson were caught in the act of sexually assaulting a young lady behind Kyoto on South Howard in Tampa on 8 July. Further news on this case as they develop.

New Super Weed on the Street?

A very potent strain of weed has hit the streets in the past weeks and it has the medical marijuana industry worried. Reports from those who have come into the OSU Medical center say that they feel like they are having an out of body experience. Some claiming to have even be able to astral project. Others with awakened senses that eclipse their own.

[AP] Kayakers recover Prosthetic Leg from River

WENTWORTH, N.C. — Rockingham County sheriff’s deputies are trying to find the owner of a below-the-knee prosthetic leg, according to a news release.
The prosthetic leg was found by kayakers on the Dan River on July 12.
The kayakers turned the leg over to the sheriff’s office.
Attempts to obtain owner information based on the serial number on the leg have been unsuccessful, the release said.

Break in and abduction shock Gahana

Four men, one using an axe, broke into a duplex home in Gahana and abducted the owner. One Rodney Copeland was taken from his home by force. By the time police had arrived, they found the front window destroyed, several bullet holes in the master bedroom, and the security safe broken into. Any leads or clues should reach out to CPD immediately.

Leonardo Di Vinci hid 'Proof of Aliens' in the Mona Lisa

LEONARDO da Vinci hid proof of ALIENS with secret messages in his paintings, according to conspiracy theorists.

A bizarre YouTube video claims the 14th and 15th century painter and inventor hid proof of aliens in his artwork, most notably the Mona Lisa.

In the video Paranormal Crucible claim one can make out facial features, headdress, cloak and the hands of an ‘Alien High Priest’ if the colours are manipulated to make it clearer.

A computer generated voice which narrates the video says: "Many theologians believe that Leonardo Da Vinci deliberately concealed secret codes and subliminal messages in most of his work.

"If this is true then it's reasonable to assume that the Mona Lisa was in fact painted in order to conceal important historical and religious facts possibly regarding the extraterrestrial presence and its surreptitious involvement within the Roman Catholic Church.”