December News

posted Jan 9, 2015, 8:00 PM by Peter DiGravio
Short North revival
In the wake of fires and bed bug outbreaks The Garden, a Short North staple has closed pending extensive rennovations. Owners say the club is looking forward to a massive relaunch to showcase the impressive new array of equipment and redisgned club space which insiders have indicated cost a pretty penny. Columbus has been plauged by plummeting night life options which the renovated Garden looks forward to taking advantage of expecting record setting turnouts as Columbus night life struggles to find an outlet.

Fire destroys well-known South Side restaurant
Columbus firefighters were called to the Ohio Deli & Restaurant, 3444 S. High St. at Williams Road, about 3:15 a.m. after smoke was seen billowing from the building, a dispatcher said. Because of the intensity of the fire, firefighters used a defensive strategy and didn’t try to enter the building, emergency-radio communications indicated.

Popular local blog Hacked! a Columbus cult staple that has exploded in popularity due to exposes on shadow government operations, air conditioned aliens, and super soldier military exercises has been off line for over a week now. Sources say the site has been targed by government hackers bent on suppressing the truth. Operator Garret Tyler vows that once the site has been secured he will be exposing the long awaited source his investigative efforts of the last several months have been focused on. 

Supernatural Signing
Acclaimed supernatural author Robin Pyatt Bellamy will be returning to Columbus to sign her newest book which examines the impact Men in Black have had on the development of the US educational system. Bellamy was in Columbus in late 2014 for the paranormal convention Angels and Aliens. Local shadow government whistle blower and operator of Garret Tyler will also be attending to give a symposium on the supernatural community in Columbus. Initial plans to host the event at the Book Loft were changed when the outpouring of public interest proved the venue to be too small with the event changed to Sunday the 11th at the Columbus Columbus Athenaeum.

Women Arrested For Allegedly Attempting To Break Into Delaware Homes
An alert resident helped authorities catch two women who officials said were trying to break into a Delaware County home Sunday night. That act was that Young and Malo were lost, their cell phone battery was dead, and they needed to know how to get to U.S. Route 23. "I knew that something was up," Brown said. "We're out in the rural area here and everybody's house was lit up, mine was dark. Why would you pick my house to ask for directions? The lights of the car came back on and I thought that that was odd that they were off. They came to the end of my driveway and turned in the opposite direction," he said. That was all it took for Brown to tell his wife to call 911. According to the Delaware County Sheriff's Office, the women were arrested in the 1500 block of Bean Oller Road in Liberty Township. 

Gangland assassinations
A series of car explosions that have been ripping through Columbus is being attributed to deliberate sabotage. Police are staying tight lipped at this time as to what group or individual is responsible for the explosions though sources say it is the result of a power strugle in the organised crime ranks of Columbus. Crime scene have all been tagged with a smiley face in red spray paint. Anyone with information should report to the police for a reward. 

Deputies Seek Tips About West Side Bank Robbery
Investigators say that a man wearing women's sunglasses and a pair of sweat pants robbed a West Columbus bank Thursday afternoon. According to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, the robbery happened around 3:30 p.m. at the U.S. Bank at 4200 Shoppers Lane. A man walked into the bank, presented a note demanding money and implied that he had a gun, according to investigators. The man then left in a late model Chrysler 300, black in color with tinted windows. The car was driven by an unknown person. The suspect was described as a black male with a light complexion standing six feet one inch tall. He was wearing black and gold “Baby Phat” female sunglasses, a black Ralph Lauren winter hat, a gray hooded sweatshirt, gray sweat pants, black gloves and black athletic shoes.

Repairs to the Vineyard inspire hope but shadow of tragedy looms
The Columbus mega church Vineyard is pushing ahead full steam with the extensive renovations required in the wake of last months terrorist attacks. The new campus will be almost twice as large as the origional church and boast extensive athletics facilities including obstacle courses, martial arts dojo's, a  re configurable urban setting paintball arena, and even an indoor archery range. When asked about the heavy focus on the new physical side of the church Father Norman Richards commented that in these trying times honing the physical form can is part of winning the spiritual crusade. The Vineyard is also set to offer number of scholastic awards to youngsters interested in theological studies who are able to maintain target goals in the churches new physical education program.

OSU Athlete and drifter found burned alive
A member of the OSU swim team and a homeless male were found on the outskirts of Columbus. Both were trapped in the trunk of a car that authorities say was set on fire, eventually exploding. Police are searching for a connection yet are not willing to link this incident to the string of car bombings plaguing the city.

High Levels Of Radon in 3 Out 4 Licking County Homes
A toxic gas spreading through homes is a big problem for people living in Licking County. The Licking County Health Department says almost 75% of the homes have high levels of radon. Radon is a colorless and odorless, radioactive gas that is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking.

The deer that won't die
Hunters are reporting a 150 point buck that has evaded several confirmed kills this season. Hunters say despite confirmed life threatening shots on the buck, it has been able to shrug off the shots and escape leading to rumors of a new breed of deer that has shifted the location of its heart explaining the phenomenon despite no hard evidence to support the claims. A reward is being offered by anyone who produces video footage of the daredevil deer.

Muskingum County Crews Respond To Car In Water
The effort to recover a car that drove into a Muskingum County pond was temporarily called off Thursday evening. According to the Zanesville post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the incident was reported at about 3:30 a.m. on the 6200 block of Maysville Pike, southwest of Zanesville. Initial reports indicated that one or two people could have been inside the car when it went into the water. The patrol said that they are treating the incident as a recovery operation. Crews say that they need to break through a layer of ice that has formed around the car before they are able to pull it out. The search for the car resumed Friday. Rescue workers discovered a driver who's name is being witheld who expereinced heavy lacerations and extreme blood loss. While no passenger was located reports the rear driver door window had been kicked out. 

Explosion in Powell linked to drug ring
Late night explosions rocked a quiet trailor community in Powell. The Firemashel reports that the tell tale signs of meth production are overly abundant at the site though it is still unclear if the explosion was an accident or intentional. Owners of the trailer are still missing. 

Former Deputy Pleads To Child Porn Charges
A former Franklin County deputy pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges relating to possession of child pornography. Justin Iddings, 31, pleaded guilty to two felony counts of pandering obscenity involving a minor. Iddings was arrested in March of 2014 after members of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force searched his Westerville home, seizing computers, computer equipment and firearms.