Feb 2015 news

posted Mar 1, 2015, 11:26 AM by Peter DiGravio
Major 'krokodil' crackdown launched in Central Ohio after new flesh-eating drug kills 13. 
A crackdown on a lethal new “mind-bending and flesh-eating” designer drug that has killed 13 and poisoned almost 300 people in Central Ohio.
Seven known people have died and 187 poisoned by taking the synthetic 'krokodil' in the last week alone in the area. One young man covered in blood, clutched a knife, as he threatened to throw himself from a window, before being talked down by neighbors. Other users have crashed cars, violently attacked neighbors, or suffered heart and brain seizures. Extreme profit margins make removing the drug from the streets exceptionally difficult for law enforcement. 

Hound Dog's returns to 24 hour format
After a recent change in management, the local pizza staple returns to its previous infamous 24/7 operating hours. Staff and customers alike have been delighted with the recent renovations that came along with the purchase as well.

Women abducted from Ohio University fraternity
The Sigma Epslion Epsilon fraternity reported a home invasion in mid feburary stating that a man forced entry into the chapter house and abducted two female guests and causing property damage. The sheriff's office believe the two women were fugitives wanted in connection with a string of home invasions in Delaware county.

Columbus Sex-a-paloza hosts a suicide party
Several attendants to the Feburary sex-a-paloza sex tradshow were found in their hotel rooms in what investigators are calling a sex party gone wrong. Victims appear to have died from self inflicted slit throats and other suicide efforts. Investigators found no evidence of drug play though one female in an adjacent room was also found dead due to hundreds of bite marks. 

Man Goes On Bender After Pet Pig Eats His Marijuana
On Sunday, deputies in Washington County, Ohio arrested Chad Spoon, 44, on disorderly conduct charges that started after he discovered Millie, his beloved pet, had gobbled up his marijuana. Deputies arrived at Spoon's house after he called 911 several times and said he was having suicidal thoughts. During one call, he said he was holding a butcher's knife to his own throat, according to the police report. In order to arrest him, officers subdued Spoon with a Taser. He was charged with disorderly conduct by intoxication and resisting arrest, both misdemeanors, and later released. 2 days prior to the incident a post to social media by spoon stated "Anyone want a pig? She is free and comes with food and cage," he wrote. "She is house broken as long as you show her where to go. If you have a dog, she will follow it. I just dont have time for her anymore."

The A.M. Foundation will be holding a fund-raiser promoting Terminal illness awareness.
For two weeks, there will be a convention held at the Columbus Convention center to increase awareness of terminal illness ; leukemia, cancer, HIV, and other blood borne pathogens.

Teacher Convicted Of Showing High School Class Violent Movie 'ABCs Of Death'
COLUMBUS, Ohio A former substitute teacher who showed a movie featuring graphic sex and violence to a high school class has been convicted of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles. Sheila Cyerns showed the film, "The ABCs of Death," during five periods of a Spanish class at East High School in Columbus in April 2013, prosecutors said. The movie consists of 26 chapters, each depicting some form of grisly death and representing a letter of the alphabet, such as "E is for Exterminate," ''O is for Orgasm" and "T is for Toilet." Detective Lolita Berryman testified Cyerns seemed unconcerned when the movie's content was described to her. Berryman said she talked with Cyerns about the movie chapter "L is for Libido," about a sex contest whose winner is killed by a chain saw. "She told me," Berryman said, "'Those kids see worse than that at home.'"

Self-styled 'seer' faces murder trial for death he foretold
Athens OH — The leader of an Ohio commune that prosecutors say lived off life insurance payouts from its dead members faces trial this week in the 2003 drowning of a woman whose death he had allegedly foretold weeks earlier. Witnesses have testified Marco Ibanez called himself a seer and portrayed him as a domineering leader who kept a tight rein on his young, mostly female followers. Perez also faces multiple counts of lying on life insurance applications, rape, sodomy, criminal threat, making false statements on auto credit applications and sexual exploitation of a child.