June news

posted Jul 23, 2015, 7:37 PM by Peter DiGravio
Sorely needed sewer expansion projects on hold as workers discover mass graves: During some excavations and demolitions of some poorly documented infrastructure near the scioto demolition crews uncovered what appears to be a mass grave. Some of of the bodies appear to be at least four years old if not older. Body count appears to be in the hundreds. operations have been suspend and local police are deliberating handing their investigation off to FBI. The grisly discovery comes at a critical time as Central Ohio faces record high rain and flooding.

Heavy flooding was cited as the cause of a central ohio blackout that lasted most of Sunday early morning. AEP reported that water penetrated an underground relay bunker which resulted in a catastrophic loss of power that effected not only commercial and residential but telecom sector as well. Power crews had the bypass of the damaged equipment up before dawn. 

In a related story there was another sewer incident that resulted in a city worker's death. Crews have quarantined the area because of the abnormal circumstances of the death, on site supervisors are saying it was not an accident and that it appears the area was booby trapped pending a full investigation. 

The Columbus Death Ball had a successful third year running. Known for combining high energy death metal and high end sexual fetish. When the professional production company responsible for the 2013-14 events didn't step in to secure the permits the cult like community following for the convention stepped up to make sure the show happened. 2015 took the convention to new heights with those attending saying it far surpassed even sexapoloza's over the top antics which were marred by several highly publicized murders. 

A hotel on the southern outskirts of Columbus was the site of a mysterious, and grisly murder. Six women who had all been picked up from various night clubs and led off by an unidentified man and taken by limo bus to [hotel location] where they went in to what they were told was going to be a suite party. The woman report instead being drugged and waking up groggy to gunfire as an unknown make gripped their host in a bear hug and crushed him to the point his bones were loudly breaking. The attacker then threw his victim out the third story window before jumping out himself. The women fled and called emergency services which could not locate any of the men, but did find several suitcases full of needles, tubes, and several pints of each woman's blood.

The Rhodes government building downtown has been undergoing rigorous late night fire alarm tests and other emergency drills. Supervisors give the facility an A+ grade!

Road related deaths are at a seasonal high up 18% from last year with at least 111 deaths attributed to reckless driving. An incident in German Village set a very somber tone when a wounded woman was ejected through the windshield as a another intoxicated woman attempted to drive her to the hospital. In another notable accident a RV full of people leaving Columbus after Red White and Boom collided head on with a Semi killing everyone involved. Authorities say heavy drug use was involved and the RV may have been storing additional explosive compounds to account for the extreme burns many of the victims suffered. 

Rickenbacker Airforce personnel reported several missing items from their armory. While officials declined to comment specifics, rumors indicate the items were air to air missiles. 

Meigs county sheriff raided the county's former jail house where an anonymous tip revealed a major drug lab that was providing the majority of Central Ohio with the highly poisonous Krokodil drug that took Columbus by storm. The lab had been producing a particularly low grade version of the drug going so far as to swap chemical components out for more harmful alternatives. The raid of the lab marks the end of a focused effort by regional law enforcement to combat the corrosive drug.