March 2015 News

posted Apr 5, 2015, 3:06 PM by Peter DiGravio
Red Light Cameras To Be Turned Off March 23
A new state law requires a police officer to be posted at a red light camera 24-7. For Columbus, that would require taking 114 police officers off the streets to man 38 intersections where there are cameras. City Public Safety Director George Speaks said that’s not good for safety and it’s not financially practical.
“Our cost went from $100,000 to $11.4 million.
Speaks said the cameras will be turned off March 23. But they won’t be taken down just yet. The city is expected to decide soon whether to join a lawsuit that claims the new law violates home rule.
“So until the lawsuit would be decided one way or the other, the infrastructure would remain in place should it be turned on in the future.”
People who run a red light prior to March 23 will still receive a ticket. The cameras have generated nearly $10 million for Columbus, since 2006. Speaks said right angle crashes declined by 74 percent since the cameras were installed.

More evidence missing from Casion Huntinton bank heist
Police are baffled as for a second time police cruiser video equipment has gone missing. The bank's internal video footage was also stolen. First responders to the Casino location Huntington bank were found dead on site by backup units as the location was once again the site of an attempted bank robbery. Federal agents handling the case declined to comment on specifics but sources inside CPD report that the video recording equipment was mysteriously removed from each of the three first wave responding vehicles. Last January a similar situation plagued the investigation of the first robbery after FBI agents lost the cruiser and bank security footage. 

Father Norman Richards of Vineyard Church to give his return sermon Easter evening.
Norman Richards was involved in a deadly car accident prior to entering the Josephinium which placed him in intensive care for over a month. Sources say Richards while still injured is determined to reach out to the people of his congreation to spread the word of God. This will also mark Richards first sermon in the newly renovated Vineyard church which was crippled following a terrorist bombing in late 2014.

Serial bank robbers crime spree ended in a bloody shootout
A local bank heist gang met its end late night of March 15th. Reports of gunfire drew police attention to the west broad 5/3rd location where they followed a trail of bullet casings which led them to condo complexes of Creek Side Condo complex in West Columbus. CPD reports that rifts within the gang structure led to a dispute over money that resulted in violent infighting including a car chase and open firefights that lead to the death of both parties deep in the condo complex. Surrounding neighborhoods report full auto gunfire and at least three explosions. This unfortunate chain of events let to the gruesome discovery of the "Creek Side Rampage"

Serial Killer baths in blood of 20 West Side residents.
The events of a gruesome bank robbery gone wrong resulted in the discovery of what some are calling the worst serial killing spree of Columbus's history. Marcus Deece who was recently paroled from his prison sentence for aggravated assault was discovered on site in the Creek Side condo complex. Deece has been accused of breaking into each of the condo's and drugging and overpowering residents with chemicals, ritualistically murdering them and reportedly bathing in their blood. Police say his rampage spanned over a week but poor communication between neighbors probably prevented anyone from noticing what was happening, combined with cold weather that prevented foul orders from spreading. Responders to the bank heist shootout became suspicious when none of the condo residents would answer their doors when emergency crews were checking in. Deece who had penned a confession was confronted by police in the master bedroom of one of the units covered in blood and naked with a butcher knife near a victim when he died of what was later identified by Franklin Coroner as a massive heart attack. 

Man Sentenced For Impersonating Cop
 An Ohio man who pulled over a detective while impersonating a police officer has been sentenced to 18 months of probation and ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. Fifty-year-old Gregory Refield, of Marion, was sentenced Thursday in Columbus. A judge fined him $1,000 and ordered that all contents seized from his car, including a gun and law enforcement paraphernalia, be destroyed. Refield was arrested Oct. 13 after a detective said Refield shined a spotlight into his car and swerved in front of him on Interstate 76 outside Akron.

Religious and Psychic convention visits Columbus
The Astral Angel convention is set to be hosted in the basement of the Buckeye hall of Fame grill on Olentangy. Initially set to be hosted in the recently closed Ramada Plaza on Sinclare, the convention was able to move to the Hall of Fame. Critics of the convention call it a cheap imitation of the wildy successful Angel's and Alien's paranormal convention which was also hosted in the Ramada which reached national attention due to a guest apperance by famed paranormal blogger Garrett Tyler. The Astral Angel convention taking place April 12 has been targeted by local paranormal commnunity bloggers as corporate money grab which they vow will be protested in a Garrett Tyler vigil where his community contributions will be honored. 

Woman Stabbed Boyfriend In Groin For Eating All Her Salsa
Police in Columbus, Ohio, said Lincoln, 50, allegedly stabbed her boyfriend in the groin with a pen Sunday evening after he ate all the salsa in their house. Lincoln's boyfriend, Ronnie D. Huckler, 61, told police that he and the accused were arguing about the salsa consumption when she allegedly stabbed him with the pen. The suspect then walked over to the TV and threatened to knock it on the floor, according to When Buckner grabbed the TV, Lincoln allegedly walked to the kitchen to grab a knife and used it to cut him in the stomach. Lincoln fled the scene while Huckler called 911. Responding officers found him on the floor clutching his stomach.