News 4/15/13

posted Apr 19, 2013, 7:44 AM by Peter DiGravio
A leading news story
Witnesses claim they heard screming from a water tower last night while a man apparently plunged to his death. While suicide from public buildings is unfortunate it is not the strangest part of this story. After witnessing a man falling, screming the name Finn, the witness (civil engineer John Bishop) dials 911 just to see another man jump as well. Fearing a rash of some kind of suicide cult, Mr. bishop began running toward the scene until the second man stood up and carried of the corpse of the first.
"He was talking to what had to be a lifeless body like it was alive. When that guy stood up, I just hid and waited for the police. Think kinda thing can make a man drink." Mr. Bishop was quoted saying.
Police found no evidence of either body, though something heavy clearly hit the pavement under the water tower. They are investigating and currently have no comment.