News of the week of Dec 16 2012

posted Dec 14, 2012, 11:56 AM by Peter DiGravio
OOC DISCLAIMER: This is not all of the news, this is simply some things that stand out. All instances of actual names are different for the purposes of the game.

Woman Reports Finding Bread Full Of Pins Left In Yard:

Burglars Go Through Ceiling At Northeast Columbus Urgent Care:

Ohio gets better at battling slavery:

Police looking for leads in assault in Whitehall:
Police are looking for 2 men who were involved in an assault and vandalism in Whitehall, Ohio. One of them is said to be carrying a longbow. With hunting season here, and the previously reported increase in deer, they suspect he may have been poaching within city limits.

Nine liquor licenses challenged:

Bomb threat investigation hits dead end in Dublin:

Bus accident at the Bottoms?:
Three men claim to have been in a pedestrian collision with a Cota Bus. Police investigation of the fleet shows no signs of damage, nor was any other story corroborated. 

Clues sought in fatal shooting from car: