November news

posted Dec 7, 2014, 1:40 PM by Peter DiGravio   [ updated Dec 7, 2014, 1:44 PM ]
Terror attacks rock Columbus's Christian community
The 11/9/14 explosions at the Vineyard church's night time services in Westerville continue to haunt all of Columbus. At this time Homeland Security and FBI have confirmed that the night service massacre that has left over 50 dead were the result of two dynamite blasts. Evidence shows the explosions came from what was most likely candle fixtures on opposite sides of the sanctuary. Vineyard is well known as the largest religious institutions in Central Columbus which is notorious for religious center attacks. The Josephinum pontifical college has been the target of several explosive attacks as well, however this is the first time deliberate efforts seem to have been taken to include those attending services though there is speculation as to why the attack was not conducted during morning services. The action has been condemned at the highest levels of local, state and federal with Homeland Security and FBI assuming direct authority of investigations. 

Father Norman Richards of Vineyard has been very vocal in rallying support for the victims of the tragedy acknowledging the generous external support pouring in from the all denominations. Richards also says "It is easy for us in America to turn a blind eye to the suffering everywhere around us, but this unforgivable sin, this act of pure darkness has opened our eyes. Make no mistake, monsters and cowards sulk in the shadows. Their actions test our faith and resolve, but we walk in step with Jesus Christ and every inch the craven try to push us back, we will march forward a mile. Divine judgement will come to those responsible for the senseless murders of innocent, church going human beings." Richardson reports that security at the other Vineyard campus will be drastically increased to ensure the protection of members and that once investigations have concluded Vineyard plans to use the incident to build a larger, improved Westerville location. 

West side bank robbery results in evidence tampering
Two FBI agents were fired and arrested when evidence regarding an after hours Huntington Bank robbery on West Broad street went missing. Both former agents have declined to comment at this time. In a press release the Police department in conjunction with the FBI  states "Everyone is accountable to the law and we will make no effort to protect those who violate it, especially those who have sworn to protect it. We hold ourselves to the highest standard and we will not abide an abuse of the public's trust."

God is dead, Satan lives. 
Reward Offered For Information On New Albany Church hate crime Vandalism

Illegal chemical release [this plant IC is located at the southen tip of pickaway county]
An Ohio Environmental Protection Agency spokeswoman said Monday that Glatfelter did not properly notify local authorities about a chemical discharge on Halloween, the smell of which was picked up as far away as Columbus.

Columbus night life continues to disappoint. 
Following the massive bedbug outbreak during the fall and closing of several popular clubs, the Columbus nightlife has yet to recover as we move into the Winter which traditionally see's considerable business. Many local bars also report comparativly dismal performance during this seasons OSU games. "People are just afraid to go out it seems" said Tammy Burke, a recently laid off waitress at the posh Bar 23. "Between the bedbugs, shootings, fires, explosions, weather and people just going missing... no one wants to go out. I mean, not even church is safe, you know? " Home use of recreational druges is also suspected in the continuing trend of poor nightlife.

Ebola Reaches Northeast Ohio
CLEVELAND, OH – While Amber Joy Vinson, the Dallas nurse and Akron native and Firestone High School graduate and Kent State University, survived the ebola virus, several other nurses from other local Cleveland hospitals were also on the October 10 flight with her and are still in quarantine.

Mishaps at nuke repository lead to $54M in fines
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - New Mexico on Saturday levied more than $54 million in penalties against the U.S. Department of Energy for numerous violations that resulted in the indefinite closure of the nation's only underground nuclear waste repository.

4 OSU students still missing.
Many OSU students attended a heavily advertised Halloween party in Bucyrus last month. Four of them are still missing with friends and family making pleas to state and federal agencies to discover what happened. Reports from other major cities on Ohio indicate the four Buckeyes were not the only ones to go missing at the holiday party hosted by The Pit in Bucyrus which advertised "All the monsters coming out to play"

Members of Mexico's Angelito Negro Cult Believe the Devil Will Protect Them

The Highbanks Psycho
Local police are dealing with a string of animal mutilations near the Highbanks Metroparks. The bodies of animals bled dry have been littering the paths and roads in the area. There are also reports of a "knife wielding maniac" stalking the area and "hunting" humans at night. Police have yet to comment on any murders in the area though Rangers have announced that patrols are being increased.

Program helps abused women cover up unwanted tattoos
Last Sunday, Tonetta Jackson became the 10th woman to receive a free tattoo through Survivors Ink, a program that raises money to cover up the tattoos, scars or burns that brand sex-trafficking victims as the property of pimps, drug dealers or gangs. They might be names, bar codes, dollar signs or gang symbols. is back on the maps
After driving flocks of bored college students to the abandoned ZZ boots on Morse road, the local conspiracy theory website is back on the paranormal maps with a video of what the site claims is clear evidence that FEMA super soldiers are hunting down targets inside of Columbus. Citing well connected new contacts he made at the record breaking Angels and Aliens paranormal convention, the website has video of what appears to be a man attacking another man with a wooden spike so quickly he is blurring. The victim is standing by unphased appearing to argue while a woman in all white ignites her hand in fire before the video cuts out. The website claims this shadow government police action took place downtown outside of the The New Renaissance and theories the victim to be a next gen mutant, super soldier defector, alien or potentially an android. Poor camera work prevents clear identification of faces.  

Columbus police deal with suicide calls daily
Last month, Columbus police were called every two hours, on average, because someone was contemplating or had attempted suicide. On at least 140 occasions this year, those attempts were successful, making suicide almost twice as common as homicide.

Murder in the park
The newly renovated Bevelhymer park has already found itself a host to gruesome mass murder. Early in November a night time ritual was attacked by christian extremists who killed everyone in a recently invited pagan "Coven" in a hail of gunfire. This marked the first of several violent attacks targeting religious services in Columbus this November. 

Coal mine break in
A Muskingum coal mine museum reported a break in last month. Deputies arrived on scene to discover forced entry and a destroyed exhibit with several items stolen. Museum staff reports that among the items missing were several sticks of prop dynamite. Authorities are investigating possible connection the the Vineyard Church terrorist bombing. 

Whitehall rampage 
Several residents of Whitehall are still in intensive care after a car passing by threw flaming glass bottles of alcohol on them. Known as a Molotov Cocktail, the victims were covered in severe burns. Several of the victims died before emergency responders could arrive. Police believe the same group is responsible for a large fire caused in a nearby park, citing similar broken containers near the area officials believe the fire started. 

Missing 400-lb Sasquatch Statue, 'Squashy,' Returned To Ralph Spence
The Spence family in Delhi Township, west of Cincinnati, says their 400-pound concrete statue of the mythical beast, which was reported stolen Saturday, has been found. [this takes place in cbus not cincy]

More tragedy for the victims of the Vineyard bombing
Police have turned over investigations to the FBI concerning the recent poisoning of victims of the Vineyard bombing. The double dynamite attacks during night services in early November killed most on site with those few surviving being life flighted to surrounding hospitals. Tragically those lucky enough to survive the bombings were targeted with poison attacks as they laid in their hospital beds. Assassins masquerading as hospital staff entered victims rooms and injected lethal doses of Desomorphine into IV lines. Desomorphine, better known as Krokodil the infamous cheap, Russian heroine-like narcotic has been increasingly prevalent on Columbus's streets racking up high numbers of disfigured deaths through the lower income sections of the city. Authorities are unsure why the drug was used to murder the patients but Father Norman Richards says the message is clear: "Terrorism is what cowards use to prey on the helpless. This is not terrorism as We are not helpless. The monsters responsible for these crimes against humanity have made a clear declaration of war with us. Not just members of Vineyard, not just Christians, but of all of God's children. We stand united in our faith, Christian, Catholic, Muslim, any who walk with without fear in God's sunlight. We will give you your war." Richards also commented that the reports that Christians extremists were behind the Bevelhymer massacre were no. "As we cope with our continuing tragedy, it has become crystal clear to us that the lines these monsters have drawn puts all faithfull on the same side. What happened to those poor people at Bevelyhmer was disgusting, you have my sympathy and promise that we are victims of the same enemy. Vineyard stands as a safe haven to all humans regardless of religion. I formally invite them to hold services safely on any of our campuses."

Alphabet Soup!
Increasingly high profile crimes around the Columbus area has resulted in continued attention from several federal law enforcement agencies. An unamed source in the Mayor's office went on file as saying "Between the shootout at the airport, the tragedy at Vineyard, that crazy bank robbery... I'll tell you I see more coats that say NTSB, FBI and DHS then OSU. Did you know Wisconsin is under martial law? If I didn't know any better, I'd say we are too."

Mayor Coleman Will Not Seek Re-Election

Large warehouse fire uncovers stolen goods fencing ring
A large warehouse fire in Southwest Columbus lead police to discover one of the largest depots of stolen goods in Columbus's history. Stolen televisions, guns, cars, artwork, and even a military truck were just some of the things authorities found in the smoldering mess. Fire damage and removed serial numbers have made tracing most of the products impossible. "Before the fire, this place would have looked like a walmart filled with stolen merchandise" an officer said. The tenement had paid in cash with little information on file says the owner of the warehouse who is currently fearful he will be held accountable for what was stored on his property. 

Mother's police call leads to drug dealer son's shooting
Police in Newark say that they were forced to open fire after being called to the home of a suspected drug dealer. According to Newark police, officers were sent to a home on West Postal Avenue, near Mt. Vernon Road at about 8 p.m. after a woman called police and said that her son was dealing drugs out of her home.

Columbus Head Storyteller
CID House Rules: