October 22nd, National news

posted Nov 2, 2011, 6:57 AM by Peter DiGravio
OOC: The following is a news report from Portland, Maine about events 
that took place on Friday evening, 10/21. This story is being reported 
nationally, as if it has been picked up by the AP, CNN, MSNBC, etc. So 
please forward it to any IC (or OOC) list as you see fit, just make sure 
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Blackened Veins ST (Maine)


Saturday, October 22:

Twin Explosions Rock Portland

Portland, Maine: Last evening, a Boeing 717 plane operated by [Name] 
Airlines, exploded just prior to landing at the Portland International 
Jetport. It is believed that the 82 passengers and 6 crew all perished 
in the fire, since no survivors have been located.

Firefighters said the explosion totally destroyed the plane and left the 
crash victims' bodies completely charred. "The human and material loss 
was total," stated an official who would not give his name.

Just minutes prior to the airplane exploding, another explosion had 
rocked the area as the jet fuel storage facility at the Jetport was set 
on fire. "There is no question this is arson, and the investigation is 
ongoing. We are confident we will find the perpetrator of this 
incident," stated the Fire Chief.

There were many witnesses to the explosions, as it had been a clear 
night and many were out watching the planes take off and land. One of 
the witnesses stated, "That plane was trying to abort its landing, and 
all of a sudden it was enveloped in this wild, green flame. It was like 
nothing I've ever seen before! And I swear that I saw people on the 
runway as the plane crashed and burned, but that couldn't happen, could 

Witnesses also reported a minor explosion of sorts at the Time Warner 
building, located on the edge of the runway, shortly after the plane 
exploded. Upon further inspection, it appears as if the building 
suffered minor damage from the explosions and had glass blown out on 
many windows, including quite a few in the lobby.

Clean up efforts were hampered by a thick fog that came in from the 
ocean shortly after the explosions, but that is common for the area. 
The clean-up resumed Saturday morning and the Jetport re-opened for 
business at noon.