October News

posted Oct 30, 2014, 10:14 PM by Peter DiGravio
Bolton field finds international trouble
Columbus police foiled an international drug trafficing route earlier in the month. Officers arrested several men involved in a Chineese triad after a gunfight at Bolton Airfield. High winds prevented the plane from taking off and caused heavy damage to several other craft on the field. The criminals also damaged airport security systems including federal surveillance systems prior to take off. As a result securty will be increased at the airfield.

Man Dies Minutes After Being Sentenced To Jail
Authorities in Cleveland say a man collapsed and died outside a courtroom minutes after a judge sentenced him to 60 days in jail 
(all mention of Cleveland is Columbus IC)

Explosions rock Grandview heights
Night time construction crews hit a gas line in a warehouse park in Grandview Heights. Police were quick to respond to the incident and while construction equipment was destroyed in the explosions no major injuries were reported. Police stress the importance of checking for gas lines before digging to both residents and businesses.

Battelle chosen to help counter threat of WMDs
Battelle has been enlisted to help counter the threat of weapons of mass destruction.

The Columbus-based research institution has landed a $6 million, three-year contract to provide consulting services to the U.S. military, beating out a consultant that had held the contract previously.

Illegal equipment seized from Columbus Rivers
Columbus parks management in conjunction with the EPA have pulled a number of unidentified sensors out of Columbus's rivers. The agencies are currently conducting an investigation to determine who placed the equipment in the rivers. The installation of devices without proper permits could carry a fine or jail time for responsible parties. Current investigations are focused on the Ohio State University.

Man Accused Of Faking Ebola Case At Hollywood Casino Charged With Misdemeanor
29-year-old Aleksandr Grigoryan was cashing in chips, when he's alleged to have told a casino cashier he's from Africa and 'brought Ebola with him'. The woman admonished him that he probably shouldn't joke about it, when he said, essentially, 'I'm not joking'.

The number of drug related deaths in Columbus is on a sharp rise. Most of the deaths have come from the homeless population. CPD also reports an increase in petty larceny accredited to drug trade.

Man found fatally shot in car on North Side
A man died yesterday evening after a shooting in a North Side neighborhood. Roger W. Burke Jr., 24, was found shot several times in the driver’s seat of a car in the 2400 block of Peekskill Drive when officers were called to the scene around 5 p.m.

Witches of Bevelhymer
Bevelhymer park has opened the grounds up to several special interest groups including pagan worship services which were protested by a collation of members to several local churches.

Pizza Delivery Driver Who Was Fatally Shot Had Switched Shifts To Take His Daughter To Trick-Or-Treat

Bucyrus seeks to supplant Athens as the Ohio Halloween party spot
hundreds of the following flyers were circulated on the various Columbus college campuses and coffee shops:

"What are you doing Halloween night? 
All the monsters are coming out to play at The Pit ((OOC: A somewhat new club in Bucyrus))
Bring your best costume and party all night long.  
Doors open at 10pm and don't close until the sun comes up.  
1/2 price drinks until midnight.
$5 cover unless you are in a costume"
Some are be attached to paper masquerade masks.

Cop killer loses death-sentence appeal
The nature of a police officer’s killing during a traffic stop — shot four times in the head at close range — outweighed arguments that the killer panicked out of fear he would be attacked by the officer, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled yesterday in upholding the defendant’s death sentence by a single vote.

A string of what seem to be gruesome hate crimes has been targeting Columbus's Chinese population. Several Chinese owned establishments have been attacked by unknown assailants. Police report customers discovering asian staff members bodies mutilated during attacks taking place during open hours.   

Two men sought in killing at South Side mobile-home park

Clues sought in man’s death in bar caused by pool ball
A Far East Side homicide too place on several weels ago when Adrian Battle, 27, was struck with a pool ball inside the Fiesta Paradise Bar and Grill, 6068 Channingway Blvd. He had been having drinks at the bar when a fight broke out.