Tomb Defiled! [March 22, 2012 ]

posted Nov 25, 2012, 7:17 AM by Peter DiGravio
The tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery has stood proud and protected by a special honor guard of the United States Marine Corps since it was erected in 1921. It has stood as a symbol to honor the soldiers who gave their lives, in many modern wars, for their country but their bodies couldn’t be recovered for proper internment. Families and tourists have come to pay their respects for their fallen family and unknown Heroes from all over the United States of America. While its significance isn’t lessened, its structure has taken some damage.
        A local woman identified by Naval Criminal Investigative Service, who is overseeing the investigation, as Susan Holleren visited the tomb yesterday around noon and noticed a section of the monument about two inches in diameter broken off from its north eastern corner. She asked her tour guide who couldn’t answer any of her questions concerning the break. Then the tour guide Frank Taft, questioned the guard stationed at the tomb about it. The guard, “reacted very surprised at the news, and quickly shut down the [attraction]” says Mr. Taft. Miss Holleren could not be reached for questioning.
        The NCIS spokesperson Captain Henry Roman released this statement. “Preliminary investigations revealed this to not have been an accident”. He had no further comment about suspects or even if it is an Arlington Police Dept investigation or if it would be handled by the FBI since it took place on federal property.
        Military groups are understandably very upset, and POW/MIA released this statement, “This tomb is nearly the only monument in Washington and the surrounding suburbs that actually has twenty four hour guard duty. We want to know who the guard responsible is, and see him brought to justice. The Marine Corps should be just as worried about this as we are”. The Marine Corps also released a statement. “Video surveillance has revealed when this took place and the guard on duty has been order to Quantico for questioning and detainment until his involvement in this can be determined. Due to the emotional nature of such a crime, his name is not being released until his guilt can be determined.”
        For now we will have to wait and see.