Violence on the streets! [June 17 2012]

posted Nov 25, 2012, 7:20 AM by Peter DiGravio
Pride Weekend was marred by a resumption of violence on the streets!

While the Police were busy tending to the needs of the influx of people in in the Downtown, Victorian Village, and Short North areas, the Hispanic street gangs lashed out again in more attacks against the other street gangs in the area. The CPB spent most of Saturday night breaking up the violence and arresting members from all the various gangs in the area. Emergency Rooms are full of injuries, and the Fire Department spent several hours combating fires throughout the city. Reports indicate that much of the fighting started as celebrations over the announcement by President Obama regarding the easing of restrictions on some undocumented aliens that spread out of control and turned ugly.

Many of the residents of Columbus watch the troubles from their televisions, unaffected by the violent spree throughout the poorer sections of the metropolitan area. The violence remained heavily localized, not stretching into the suburbs or affluent neighborhoods. Calls for action have been taken up by many of the residents in the poorer neighborhoods, and the Mayor issued a statement this morning declaring that the city would do everything in its power to stop the fighting.