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Creating a Character

Sheet Creation

Character sheets are created used Laws of the Night with the following character regulation house rules

Camarilla Acknowledgement

Characters entering game already acknowledged in the Camarilla can choose the location and prince who acknowledged them by using this list

Character Backgrounds

Players who submit a character history may be awarded additional 15 experience points at creation by PROVIDING BOTH OF THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: 

A) A background. 

Character history submissions should be at maximum 2 pages double spaced, cover birth date, embrace date, acknowledgement date, and any major life experiences. Also explain any weird flaws, merits, or backgrounds. These should be statements of fact for staff use, not creative writing masterpieces.


B) Answers to these ten questions.

1. What does your character hope to accomplish in the near future; why these particular goals?
2. What are your characters long term goals (3 minimum)?
3. What is the real reason the character is in his/her current domain?
4. What gives your character reason to continue interacting with large groups of vampires (ie attend courts)?
5. What are his/her greatest joys? What are his/her greatest fears?
6. Which emotions are the primary drives for your character?
7. How does your character view the mortal world and its events?
8. What major events shaped your character's past; what were the pivotal moments?
9. What are your character's relations with his/her clan?
10. How will this character make the game more enjoyable for others?